Do you want to learn more about "The OC" cast? This hit teen soap, an hour-long drama that ran on the Fox network from 2003 to 2007, tells the story of a troubled youth named Ryan Atwood, who becomes involved with a family in an upper class neighborhood in Orange County, California. Read on to learn more about the hot cast of "The OC."

  1. Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen. Gallagher, a veteran actor who has been working in television and film since 1979, played the father of a wealthy family who takes in a troubled boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Since "The OC" ended, Gallagher has had recurring roles on the shows "Californication" and "Rescue Me," as well as in the recent hit film "Burlesque."

  2. Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen. Before joining the cast of "The OC" as Sandy's rigid wife, Rowan had been acting since the early 1980s. Since the show ended, she has guest-starred on "CSI: Miami" and "Flashpoint."

  3. Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood. McKenzie starred as the rough teen from the wrong side of the tracks who in taken in by the Cohen family. Before joining the cast of "The OC," McKenzie was best known for his role in the independent film "Junebug." Since "The OC" ended, he has found success with another starring role, in the TV cop drama "Southland."

  4. Adam Brody as Seth Cohen. Brody, a child actor, had small roles in dozens of movies and TV shows before landing the role of Seth, the Cohen's nerdy son who gets a social boost when Ryan Atwood comes to live with the family. Since "The OC" ended, Brody has continued to shine, with roles in feature films "Jennifer's Body" and the upcoming "Scream 4."

  5. Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts. Rachel was a relatively new actress when she got the role of Summer, Seth's snotty long-time love interest. Since the show ended, she has had roles in several movies and TV shows, including "Jumper" and the upcoming "BFF and Baby." Bilson is also known for her romantic involvement with actor Hayden Christensen.

  6. Melinda Clarke as Julie Cooper. This sexy vixen was a longtime soap actress before starring as Julie Cooper, the Cohen's naughty next-door neighbor. Since the show ended, Clarke is best known for her recurring role as a dominatrix on "CSI," and has recently been starring in the TV series "Entourage" and "Nikita."

  7. Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper. Barton, a veteran actress from TV shows like "Once and Again" and movies like "The Sixth Sense," played the Coopers' beautiful and troubled teen daughter who begins a tormented romance with Ryan Atwood. Barton, a tabloid fixture, has made several TV guest appearances since "The OC" ended, and has five movies coming out in 2011 and 2012.

-Andrea Miller