Get the scoop with these season 6 “Supernatural” spoilers. “Supernatural” is a TV series on the CW. The show follows the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), as they hunt supernatural creatures. This Season of “Supernatural” is full of surprises that fans were not expecting.

The show doesn’t open with the standard “the road so far”. This traditional montage has kicked off other seasons of the show. It is a recap of the events of the show so far. The only recap “Supernatural” fans get is Sam jumping into the cage a year ago.

The title card is changed. Along with the new start to the season, “Supernatural” also has a new title card. The title is now blue and looks like glass shattering. This change in the title design helps to show how fragile the “Supernatural” universe as become this season.

Dean starts off the season playing wifey. Season six of “supernatural” is worth watching just for the humor of seeing Dean being domestic. He seems very happy with his family but it’s also very unsettling.

Azazel returns. Okay spoiler, it’s not really Azazel. In true “Supernatural” fasion the hallucination of Azazel is brought on by Djinn poisoning. Don’t worry Sam saves him.

Sam is a demon is disguise. The next curve ball that fans get is that Sam might not be Sam. The last fans see of him is jumping into the cage. Spoiler, Sam is Sam.

New family joins the cast. Sam brings back some cousins on his mom’s side. One of them is Christian Campbell (Corin Nemec).

Castiel is still in action. Castiel (Misha Collins) is still helping out the brothers even with heaven is disarray. The third episode sees them going to Egypt to look for the staff of Moses.

Bobby is double crossed by a demon. Okay so like fans didn’t see this coming when Bobby (Jim Beaver) makes a deal with Crowley (Mark Sheppard). Crowley tries to renege on his deal to give Bobby back his soul and the brothers have to come to the rescue.

Sam and Dean don’t agree on Sam’s well-being. So Sam loses his soul to Crowley. They make a deal to get his soul back but then Sam starts to think he might be better off.

Sam gets in a coma. The spoiler? Well Sam can’t remember the pass year without his soul and Dean decides not to tell him the truth. Most fans should see this coming.