It only took one season for the “Covert Affairs” cast to charm the hearts and minds of viewers. For some people it didn't even take a whole episode. Broken hearts, secret agents, and dangerous cases leave the viewers wanting to see more of this USA hit series.

Piper Perabo

Before she became part of the “Covert Affairs” cast and Annie walker she had entertained us on the big screen in movies such as“Cheaper by the Dozen”, “Because I Said So”, “Coyote Ugly”, and “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”.

Christopher Gorham

Before he became a part of the “Covert Affairs” cast as Auggie Anderson he has had parts in various television shows such as the series “Harper's Island”. He has also had roles on “Ugly Betty”, “Out of Practice”, “Medical Investigation”, and “Popular” just to give a few examples of the diverse roles he has played. As seamless as he because a psychotic murder in “Harper's Island” he slipped into his role as Auggie.

Anne Dudek  

As Danielle Brooks, she has no idea her sister is a CIA agent. In real life she is a sitcom princess with many shows under her belt. Some of her long term roles include Dr. Amber Volakis on “House M.D.”, Francine Hanson on “Mad Men”, and Laura Grant on “Big Love”.

Eion Baily

On “Covert affairs” he plays the desire of Annie's heart and a rogue CIA agent but he wore many other colors before this USA hit show. Eion adds a romantic dynamic to the show but he also throws a monkey wrench into Annie's life. He walked out on her but she can't forget about him.

Kari Matchett

She plays Annie's boss on “Covert Affairs” but she has covered a number of different roles in her career. From the doctor she played on”ER” to her current role as Joan Campbell she brings her characters to life.