The “Big Love” cast enjoyed a five year run on one of the most entertaining and controversial shows on HBO. The network has always prided itself on high quality television but “Big Love” broke the mold with a series that approached a hot button topic in at least one state as the lead characters were part of a polygamist family unit. Making the protagonists of the show polygamists in mainstream America was a gutsy move but it paid off thanks in large part to the great cast.

Bill Paxton 

Coming into the series, the “Big Love” cast were anchored by Bill Paxton, a long-time actor who has appeared in movies such as “Aliens” and “Near Dark.” Paxton took the lead in the series, playing Bill Henrickson, a local man who married three wives thanks to his Reformed Latter Day Saint (RLDS) upbringing. While most of the series kept the relationships private, when he began to run for political office, it opened up a can of worms when he brought the three marriages out into the open. Paston finished the show’s run with three Golden Globe nominations.

Jeanne Tripplehorn 

Jeanne Tripplehorn played one of the three wives in the “Big Love” cast. Her character had quite an arc throughout the series and, by the end, wasn’t sure if she even still wanted to be a part of this type of lifestyle. Tripplehorn has enjoyed a lengthy film career and is one of those actresses where you might recognize her but not realize where from. She has appeared in movies like “Basic Instinct,” “Reality Bites” and “Sliding Doors.”

Chloe Sevigny 

Chloe Sevigny is, by far, the breakout star of the “Big Love” cast. Despite the fifteen nominations between the Golden Globes and Emmy’s, “Big Love” won only one award and it was Sevigny for Best Supporting Actress in 2010. Sevigny played Nicolette, the wife that was the hardest to relate to out of the three. She came from a strict upbringing, living in an RLDS compound most of her life and held down to believe that all sin was damning. It made her the least likeable character, always starting trouble for the other wives and making waves in society as well.

Ginnifer Goodwin 

Ginnifer Goodwin played Margene, the youngest and most naïve wife in the “Big Love” cast. Her character spends much of the series learning about the Mormon sect and being led in one direction or another by the various people influencing her. While Sevigny was the breakout star, Goodwin used the show to gain notice and used its popularity to secure some high profile movie roles, including “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “A Single Man.”

Bruce Dern

Bruce Dern is the elder statesman in the “Big Love” cast, playing Bill’s father Frank. Frank expelled Bill from the RLDS compound when he was only fourteen and continues to create hardships for his son years later.  He is an abusive, demanding man that causes fear and feelings of damnation in anyone who crosses him. Dern has been acting professionally since the '60s, earning an Oscar nomination for his supporting role in the 1978 film, “Coming Home.”