The "Barney Miller" cast hooked TV watchers of the ensemble sitcom for eight seasons from 1975 to 1982. The premise and the set for "Barney Miller" were really simple. It was a Greenwich Village police precinct, and with few exceptions, it was set in the detective squad room and Captain Miller's office. The silly "Barney Miller" cast of characters were what made the show a classic. The basic "Barney Miller" cast, plus lots of guest characters playing hoodlums or crime victims, made some fun sketches together. Let's take a trip in the wayback machine to reminisce about the top "Barney Miller" cast members.

Captain Barney Miller Captain Miller acted as a straight man rather than a comic. Surprisingly, the sitcom was named for Barney Miller. Hal Linden played this character of the "Barney Miller" cast. He was the down-to earth hub of the wacky characters around him. Beset with paperwork and frustrating bureaucracy, Captain Barney Miller always tried to hold things together. Barney Miller yearned for a well deserved promotion, but he just never managed to get one.

Detective Sergeant Philip K. Fish Fish was so morose and tiredly hilarious with his cute old man looks. He was the oldest member of the "Barney Miller" cast, played by Abe Vigoda. Complaining about his ailments became a form of high comedy from this "Barney Miller" cast member. Fish had many, many years of experience, hence a lot of wisdom. Fish should have retired a long time ago. Instead, he dragged his weary bones to work as a Greenwich Village detective just to deliver understated comedy.

Detective Sergeant Ron Nathan Harris This character was not meant to be a detective. He was out of place, and really wanted to be writing his detective novel, "Blood on the Badge." Harris, played by handsome Ron Glass, dressed quite well and belonged in a world of finer things. Harris was the only main "Barney Miller" cast member who was African American.

Detective Stanley "Wojo" Wojciehowicz Wojo was a wide-eyed, simple guy who had a sweet kind of comic quality. Max Gail played this Polish-American, broad shouldered, ex-Marine character. He was always ready to run out and get the bad guys, and he had a heart of gold, but you had to wonder about his brain power.

Detective Seargent Nick Yemana Yemana, a Japanese American character, was really low energy in a funny way. He wasn't really great at what he did for a living. He pretty much stank at paperwork and detective work, but he threw in some good wisecracks here and there. Jack Soo played Nick Yemana.

- Joan Franze