Find out about the "The Suite Life on Deck" cast. "The Suite Life on Deck" is a Disney Channel show meant for kids up to teenager. Some parents who are kids at heart probably watch as well with their kids. This show is a spin off from the hit show "The Suite Life" played by real life twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse. They started the first show at about eleven years old and the characters were actually based on their real life personalities. In the spin-off series, the cast has changed.

Zack and Cody Martin Played by twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse. These two young men have really grown up on TV and in the movies. They got their start in Hollywood as the baby on "Grace Under Fire." They were adorable as the in-transition little six-year-old in "Big Daddy." They are legally adults now and still going strong with acting on "The Suite Life on Deck." At the same time, they are maintaining good, healthy profiles at role models for teenagers and will surely have active careers past that.

LondonTipton  Played by Brenda Song. She seems to be so opposite of her character other then being very pretty. Brenda song is intelligent, witty, and caring unlike her rich spoiled character on the "Suite Life on Deck." She was part of the original cast in "The Suite Life" as the daughter of the owner of the hotel. She has always played a teenager. In real life, Brenda Song is actually in her early 20's.

Bailey Picket Played by Debby Ryan. She is a new face in Hollywood and replaced Ashley Tisdale. The creators of the show may not have meant for her to be a direct replacement, but her character is as brainy as Maddie. She claims to be an easy going person in real-life and her character on the show seems pretty easy going, too with a very southern flair. She is about the same age as her character.

Woody Loveable, sloppy Woody played by Matthew Timmons. He is also new to the Disney channel and added a spark to the spin-off series of "The Suite Life on Deck." He is close to the same age as his character. He plays a kid on the heavier side, but has such a quirkiness to him; he's very entertaining.

- Shelly C.