The "Supernatural" season finale summary marks the end of this season's adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester. The show comes to a shocking halt in the "Supernatural" season finale when the wall that Dean asked Death to put up in Sam’s head comes crashing down. Sam is forced to remember what it was like when his soul was trapped in the hell cage with Lucifer in the last "Supernatural" season finale.

This "Supernatural" season finale it leaves both Dean and Bobby struggling to help Sam but are forced to leave him to his own devices. Since Dean and Sam are two different people, Sam may not be able to hand his memories of Hell like Dean did. Meanwhile, the battle for heaven that Castiel had been preparing for, leading all the way up to the "Supernatural" season finale, has finally come to a head. With Eve still on the loose, a much-anticipated confrontation will most likely happen between her and the Winchesters. There is going to be a lot going on in the "Supernatural" season finale.

The creator, Eric Kripke, tells us that there will be a major cliffhanger at the end of the "Supernatural" season finale. Considering there always will be a death, this time it will end with a new beginning for the characters. Will Sam be able to cope with his soul’s torment? Will they be able to stop the war in heaven or will life as we know it go out with a bang? Stay tuned for the "Supernatural" season finale! But don’t worry—this isn’t the end of the line for Sam and Dean. "Supernatural" has been picked up for another season.