The surprises, shocks and scary noises add to the effect of these "Supernatural" season 6 spoilers. Dean and Sam Winchester have seen their share of troubles and received more than their fair share of scars and that doesn't stop here. Kill the lights, draw the drapes and make sure the furniture you're sitting on can be defended before you tackle these story bombs.

  1. Castiel becomes the new God in town. The sometimes bumbling, almost child-like angel becomes God-like through his absorption of the souls in Purgatory. The old cliche of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" takes a devastating turn as Castiel appears to have become the old, old boss: the God from the Old Testament. Castiel is no longer concerned about understanding the human race and is now focused on humanity's supplication lest they receive his wrath. A "Supernatural" spoiler that sets up the next season with a healthy dose of trepidation and anticipation.

  2. Dean becomes Death for a day. In "Supernatural" Death has never been portrayed as a servant to anyone but himself and this "Supernatural" spoiler keeps Death consistent with his nuanced distance that fans have come to enjoy. Dean gets to view the even darker aspects of having to end lives and the classic repercussion of showing any compassion towards those whose end has come.

  3. Crowley and Castiel are the new Batman and Robin. Sure, they have less gadgets and it could be argued as to who lands in which role, but Crowley and Castiel have teamed up to be the new power couple in "Supernatural." A stunning game changer of a spoiler as although Castiel isn't human, the often-humanized trait of arrogance is writ bold across his decision to spare Crowley and to form an allegiance with him. A nice reference to the arrogance that Lucifer showed in biblical texts as he also thought that he was more worthy than anyone else.

  4. Professor Visyak isn't from around here. That's right, the keeper of the sword in the stone from the episode "Like a Virgin" isn't human, demon or angel. Visyak is an escapee from the realm of Purgatory but doesn't seek any type of life outside of being left alone to enjoy her time on Earth. An interesting reveal where the introduction of a new type of entity in "Supernatural" doesn't lead to conflict or misunderstanding, rather she wishes to just exist in peace. It would've been interesting to see exactly what her true form would've been, but unnecessary, so you don't get to see if she has tentacles or any extra eyebrow but it's still well-worth it in the "Supernatural" spoiler world.

  5. Samuel Colt pulls a Doc Brown. Although the courier isn't a perfect deus ex machina, it still gives off that same feeling. Ignoring the gut reaction of "seriously?" the use of a courier to deliver the lost ashes of a phoenix is a sweet little reference to the "Back to the Future" movies. Sam, Dean and Bobby find out that the only way to take out Eve (the newest villain) is through using Phoenix ashes but are unable to seal the deal on acquiring the ashes. Samuel Colt mails it in, literally, and therefore saves the day in this "Supernatural" spoiler.