There are so many "Star Trek Next Generation" episodes, it is hard to pick the ten best, but someone had to try, so here are Screen Junkies top picks. We will count down the ten best episodes of "Star Trek Next Generation". That way you can plan your viewing spree.

  1. "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, PARTS I AND II". When the captain is assimilated by the Borg, with a full frontal assault on earth drawing every closer Acting Captain Riker must find a way to save the day, and the man who knows all of their tatics, with the help of an ambitious young Borg expert, Commander Shelby.

  2. "YESTERDAY'S ENTERPRISE". This episode, which managed to bring back the dead-in-season one Tasha Yar is a fan favorite. It gives us a "what if" view of how the world of Startrek might have been if the war with the Klingon empire had never ended. All the fun of temporal rift's and two different enterprises meeting each other. It also features an iconic line, "Let's make sure, history never forgets the name 'Enterprise'", and this episode of "The Next Generation" helped to cement that goal.

  3. "THE MEASURE OF A MAN". Is Data a man or a machine? This episode tests that question when a Commander Maddox wants to take data apart, against his will. The trial that ensues pits Picard against Riker, as the unwilling lawyer who has to argue that Data is not a man. This episode really allows the actors  of "Sar Trek The Next Generation" to show a new side of their skils.

  4. "ALL GOOD THINGS..." In this final episode of "Star Trek The Next Generation" Captain Picard is floating back and forth through time, from their first mission together at Farpoint to his old age, he must find a way to solve the puzzle of the spatial anomaly that is pulling him through time, and threatening all of human life, while dealing with the taunting of Q.

  5. "CHAIN OF COMMAND". Captain Picard under cover and captured by Cardassians, a new man Captain Jellico in command on the Enterprise, and torture courtesy of Gul Madred. Any excuse to see the good captains abs is OK in this writers book.

  6. "FIRST CONTACT". The Federation sends Commander Riker to investigate Malcor III, a pre-warp civilization, but when he is discovered he is met with fear and anger. With the help of the Enterprise crew he manages to escape, with  one open-minded Malcorian.

  7. "THE FIRST DUTY". A rare episode that takes place on earth. It follows the problems of young cadet, and former ensign,  Wesley Crusher. When an accident with his flight training group, Nova Squadron, leads to an inquiry and a cover up, Wesley has to make a tough choice between his loyalty and the truth.

  8. "TAPESTRY". Another what if story, this tale focuses on the youth of Captain Picard, and Q, an omnipresent being that was introduced in the first mission. The episode focuses on what the Captains life would have been like if he had neve taken a risk.

  9. "THE INNER LIGHT". A probe from a dying alien world, Kataan, allows the captain to live the life Kataan, an man who realized what was happening, in less than an hours time. A fun adventure and a sad look at what can happen to worlds on the cosmic dance.

  10. "SINS OF THE FATHER". This episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" brings us to the politics of the Klingon High Council. As Worf's father is branded a traitor, and he meets his half-brother for the first time, we find out the truth of what happened at Kittamer. Just as Captain Picard finds a witness who can clear his name, Worf has to give up the truth to save his brothers life, accepting eternal dishonor.

-Katie Gatto