The "SGU Stargate Universe" cast helps expand the television franchise, spun off from the original sci-fi movie, as a new group takes on the wonders and dangers of the Stargate. The accomplishments of each actor shows why they elevate the latest chapter in the Stargate mythology in each and every episode. The drama and action surround the crew of the spaceship "Destiny" as it travels to different worlds in order to plant new Stargates for the Ancients. Fans look forward to seeing these fantastic adventures take them beyond their imaginations from distant galaxies to exotic technology. The cast of "SGU Stargate Universe" make the aliens, starships and space opera formula successful by creating their own magic.


Robert Carlyle

The Scottish actor joins the "SGU Stargate Universe" cast as lead scientist Dr. Nicholas Rush of the Icarus program. Before the TV series, he made a name for himself as a former steel worker who along with his fellow mates create a male striptease act to earn money in "The Full Monty." His "exposure" led to many roles such as a Bond villain for "The World is Not Enough" to dodging zombies in "28 Weeks Later."



The Chinese-American actress is  the "SGU Stargate Universe" cast's Camille Wray, a high-ranking member of the International Oversight Committee for the Icarus program. No one can miss her lovely face in other TV roles such as "As the World Turns," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and "Two and a Half Men." These roles are definitely more memorable than her turn as Chun-Li Zang in the awful film "Street Fighter" based on the popular video game from Capcom.


Lou Diamond Phillips

A longtime veteran of TV and movies brings his chops to the cast of "SGU Stargate Universe" as Colonel David Telford. His credits include "La Bamba," "Young Guns," "Courage Under Fire," and "Supernova" to name a few. Of course, it never hurts to have friends like Kiefer Sutherland to get steady work like the popular TV series "24."


Elyse Levesque

This young actress takes on the role of Chloe Armstrong in "SGU Stargate Universe" who is Senator Alan Armstrong's daughter and part of Destiny's crew. The brunette babe is no stranger to TV with roles in "2030 CE," "Masters of Horror," "Smallville," and "Journey to the Center of the Earth." The future truly looks as bright as her blue eyes and pretty smile...just as long as she avoids those wayward starships.


Louis Ferreira

Another veteran actor joins the cast of "SGU Stargate Universe" as the head of Icarus security, Colonel Everett Young. His impressive resume crosses a series of genres in TV and movies with "Shooter," "Dawn of the Dead," "Saw IV," "CSI: Miami," "Relic Hunter," and "ER." Fans can always count on him to know exactly what to do in any given situation.