The “Sons of Anarchy” cast stars in a story of a motorcycle gang located in the fictional town of Charming in Northern California. It showcases their struggles with family, their gang, and rival gangs who seek to threaten their way of life. "Sons of Anarchy" debuted in 2008 and is tv station FX's highest rated show.

  1. Charlie Hunnam is the “Sons of Anarchy” cast member who plays Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, the protagonist of this series. Teller is the vice-president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club’s Redwood Original, or (SAMCRO). This man, despite being young in his 30s, is a highly respected member of this gang.

  2. Katey Sagal plays Gemme Teller Morrow, Jax Teller’s mother. This shady woman keeps a lot of secrets, but also keeps the men in her life close to her.

  3. Mark Boone Junior is the “Sons of Anarchy” cast member who portrays Robert Munson, the secretary of the motorcycle gang. Munson is a smart, calm tempered man, but he is also not afraid to get rough with rivals when it is called for.

  4. Tommy Flanagan plays Filip ‘Chibs’ Telford. He is another member of the gang, but what makes him different is he is Scottish. Telford is fiercely loyal to Jax Teller, and dons many scars and tattoos, making him a scary-looking addition to this gang.

  5. Maggie Siff plays Tara Knowles. She is the “Sons of Anarchy” cast member who Jax Teller has his eye on. This beautiful, intelligent woman falls for Teller, and is even willing to duke it out with Teller’s ex-wife to get him.

  6. Kim Coates is the “Sons of Anarchy” cast member who is known as Alex ‘Tig’ Trager on the show. He is without a doubt the most violent man in the gang. Trager is the Sergeant-at-Arms of their gang, and is a hard man to get to know. It is obvious that Trager is a very sexual being, a strong mechanic, and a loyal friend to the club’s president. Jax Teller and Trager, however, tend to not see eye to eye.

  7. Ron Perlman plays Clarence ‘Clay’ Morrow. He is the president of SAMCRO. Along with being the respected president, he also works hard to keep crime out of his town, silently beating on any misfits who show up.