A small town midwestern girl makes it big in Hollywood in the Disney Channel hit show "Sonny with a Chance" with episodes exploring the lives of Sonny Munroe, Tawni Hart, Chad Dylan Cooper and others revolving around the show "So Random!" Sonny lands a role on the show after winning a nationwide contest and moves to Los Angeles, setting the stage for many warm and funny moments. Here are a few of the most memorable "Sonny with a Chance" episodes:  

"New Girl" This "Sonny with a Chance" episode, which originally aired January 2011, revolves around the on-again, off-again relationship between Sonny and Chad. Sonny writes a song about their recent breakup. In one memorable scene. Sonny and Chad run into each other when Chad is searching for his lost sunglasses. This results in the standard uncomfortable moment, but not for long! 

"Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star" This "Sonny with a Chance Episode" explores the "show within a show" concept. Chad is named to guest star on "So Random!" and the storyline of one sketch requires him and Sonny to kiss. Needless to say, Sonny is not happy about this. Worried that the kiss will result in her falling head-over-heels for Chad, Sonny goes to great extremes to find an out. The outcome involves flying pigs!

"Sonny with a Song" Australian heartthrobs the Tre Brothers visit the set of "So Random!" resulting in competition between Sonny and Tawni. Sonny outmaneuvers Tawni to serve as Trey's escort around the studio, but Tawni reclaims the upper-hand when she appropriates Sonny's new song and works on it with Trey. When it turns out the joke is on both Sonny and Tawni, they team up to get their revenge, involving a magic show. This "Sonny with a Chance" episode initially appeared in April 2010.

"Sonny and the Studio Brat" Sonny is given the task of watching and escorting the spoiled daughter of a studio executive in this "Sonny with a Chance" episode, which originally aired in April 2009, However, the girl, Dakota, has actually weaseled her way onto the set not for a tour, but to meet Chad. When Sonny tries to convince Chad to take responsibility for Dakota, problems ensue, as always.

"Battle of the Network Stars" In this "Sonny with a Chance" episode Chad decides he will make a movie of his life. He lets everyone in "So Random!" play themselves—except for Sonny, who is replaced by real-life star Selena Gomez. In the course of learning her part, Selena detects feelings between Sonny and Chad and eventually gives her part back to Sonny.