It’s the end of the ride for one of the most popular and long-lasting superhero televisions series ever made, but most fans are still clamoring for the “Smallville” season ten spoilers that will keep them on the edge of their seats until the series concludes in May 2011. Here are some of the best spoilers of the final season and a few audiences may not be aware of. If you’ve never seen the show, it’s about the early life of Clark Kent before he becam the Man of Steel.

The new costume. Late in season 9, Clark received a package from his mother that contained the now-iconic costume that fans the world over have known him for, but he was reluctant to put it on. As season ten of “Smallville" started, what he did do is ditch the “Matrix”-inspired costume he was wearing in favor of a red leather jacket with the “S” logo on it and blue shirt to give himself a more colorful appearance.  

Clark reveals all. In what was one of the most anticipated spoilers of season ten of “Smallville” was Clark’s admission to Lois that he is the superhero known around Metropolis as The Blur (because he moves so fast, no one can see him when he does his deeds of heroism). What surprised Clark more is that Lois reveals that she already knew because The Blur kissed her at the end of season 9 when he thought he was going to his death in the same fashion that Clark kisses her.  

The Blur goes global. In what was one of the more pivotal spoilers of season ten of “Smallville,” a piece of legislation called the Vigilante Registration Act was up for a vote be the American people that would basically outlaw anyone in a costume. When the bill was ultimately defeated at the polls, Clark suddenly felt that he had the support of the people and started using his abilities on a global scale to help people in need, which also signals that he’s getting ready for his big identity change.

Darkseid rises. There were rumors at the end of season nine as to who the main villain for season ten was going to be, but the studio kept a tight lid on it and revealed all at the end of the first episode of season ten of “Smallville” by showing that one of Superman’s most powerful enemies, the god-like Darkseid, would invade the planet and start corrupting people in an attempt to rule the planet. Clark had some glimmering of this, but has yet to see the full consequences if he fails to act.

Say goodbye to Chloe. Chloe Sullivan, played by Alison Mack, has been one of the longest-lasting characters on all ten seasons of “Smallville” (her character was not part of the Superman mythos until the comics added her in 2010), but around the middle of the season, she said her final goodbyes to the cast and fans and walked off into the sunset to start her own base of operations in a new city with her new husband, Oliver Queen, a.k.a. The Green Arrow.

The return of Lex Luthor. This has only been the second biggest request of fans since Michael Rosenbaum left the series in 2008, so one of the biggest “Smallville” season ten spoilers is that he will be returning as Clark’s arch-nemesis for the final two episodes of the series to air in May. It’s been implied that Darkseid plays a role in his resurrection, but that has yet to be revealed.

Rise of the Superman. In what is without a doubt one of the worst-kept “Smallville” season ten spoilers, Clark will finally cross the line in the show’s “no tights, no flights” policy and don the iconic suit and lose The Blur identity, formally changing it to Superman while finally showing the world his face.