If you love shows about superheroes then you probably are familiar with the "Smallville" cast. The story line to this hit drama series is about a young man who must learn to use his alien powers for good while trying to fit into society. Throw a young Superboy into high school arena and regardless of superpowers, he still has to deal with high school crushes loved and lost. For over a decade "Smallville" has been a hit television series. There's a main core of actors that make up the central story of the life of Superboy. Here are the cast members. 

  1. Clark Kent played by Tom Welling. Clark is Superboy's alias, a struggling alien adjusting to human emotions and life on earth. Tom started his career as a model before he got into acting. He turned down the role for Clark Kent twice. Good thing he accepted in the end. With his fame on the show he's won two "Teen Choice Awards," has become a director, is a producer of "Smallville" as well as an executive producer of the show "Hellcats."

  2. Cloe Sullivan played by Allison Mack. Choe is Clark's best friend and hero's sidekick. Allison has been acting since she was four working on commercials and print ads. Being a member of the "Smallville" cast is by far the biggest break in her acting career.

  3. Lana Lang played by Kristen Kruek. Lana is the one and only true love teenage love for Clark Kent. Kristen was born in Canada and her first big break came from starring in a role in a Canadian show titled "Edgemont." Her American break however got her on the cover of magazines; a sponsorship with Neutrogena and landed her the lead role in a movie "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li."

  4. Lex Luthor played by Michael Rosenbaum. Lex is by far the greatest nemesis of Superman. Michael's career is comprised of many voice-over parts for cartoons and a few guest appearance on television shows. His role as the evil villain as a member of the "Smallville" cast is his biggest break to date.

  5. Jonathan Kent played by John Schneider. Every superhero, even an alien one, needs a dad to help guide his path on earth. While John has played a part of several television shows he will forever be remembered as Bo Duke in the silly but fun hit television series "Dukes of Hazzard."

  6. Martha Ken played by Annette O'Toole. Martha kept the family together even after her husband died on the show. Annette has it all together for she's an accomplished film and stage actress as well as dancer, writer, singer, producer and composer. She's been acting since the 60s and before becoming a member of the "Smallville" cast you might recall she was on the hit show "Nash Bridges." As one of the more accomplished actors on "Smallville" she's been nominated for an Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe award.

  7. Lionel Luther played by John Glover. Lex's father controlled the Luther corporation but he always sided with Superboy than his own son. John has been acting since the 70s and has garnered five Emmy  nominations. His role as a "Smallville" cast member however grabbed the attention of the television viewing audience.

  8. Lois Lane played by Erica Durance. Lois becomes Clark's adult girl friend after he graduates high school and lands a journalist  job at "The Daily Planet." Before landing a role as a "Smallville" cast member, Erica did stints on television shows and a few horror movies. Playing Lois is her biggest break yet.