Seinfeld Cast

Sunday, October 30 by Winston Carter

The Seinfeld cast is essentially four friends who hang out, sometimes at a diner. This simple premise led to one of the funniest shows that has ever graced the airwaves.  As well as having catapulted these four stars into the realm of television legends.

Jerry Seinfeld
Playing Jerry Seinfeld, a fictionalized version of himself, Seinfeld created a comedic voice that would be copied and stolen by a generation of comedians. Observational humor will never be the same due to his influence.  Instantly Jerry became a superstar who continues to act in television and film to this day.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus   
As Elaine, Julia Louis-Dreyfus brought a woman’s touch to the “Seinfeld” cast. Of course that touch was also clumsy and insensitive but these attributes made for one of the most dynamic female characters ever. Making Louis-Dreyfus a staple of television to this day.

Jason Alexander
As the neurotic George Costanza Jason Alexander portrayed the slightly unhinged side of all people. Forcing to the surface issues many people have like dealing with crazy parents, or simple girlfriend issues. His neurosis kept the group moving even in episodes where it may appear that nothing ever happened at all.

Michael Richards
As Kramer the full on psychopath in the “Seinfeld” cast, Richards crafted a character that will go down as one of the greatest in television history. Consistently playing the crazy character without ever being redundant or boring, Kramer was the wild card in the group. As such he was always guaranteed to make everyone laugh, every time.

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