Several intense situations have already occurred on "Secret Life on the American Teenager," many of which have set into motion the "Secret Life of the American Teenager" spoilers for the second half of season three. This show has involved topics such as sex, cheating, childbirth and important parent-to-child conversations regarding sexual education. The show was designed to get teenagers and parents talking about what is important in their lives and to teach young people how to be responsible about sex. Although educational, it is also full of extreme teenage drama and suspenseful moments. Season three is kicking back up on March 28, so here are some "Secret Life of the American Teenager" spoilers.

  1. Ben and Adrian These two characters had so much happen to them during this season and a lot of drama is constantly circulating around them. Much of this comes from Ben's ex-girlfriend Amy and Adrian's ex-boyfriend Ricky. Amy and Ricky already have a baby together, and we already know that Adrian is pregnant with Ben's baby. In the episodes to come, Ben will ask Adrian to move in with him, which will make Amy very jealous. In later episodes, Ben will ask Adrian to marry him and his father will buy them a condo of their own.

  2. Ricky and Amy When Amy has a baby during season three, she is not in a relationship with Ricky, who is the father. In fact, she had a boyfriend named Ben during her entire pregnancy. However, the roles start to switch and at the end of episode fourteen of season three, she goes on a date with Ricky. In the next few episodes, though, Amy will find out that Adrian will be moving in with Ben and her jealousy will reach its peak. One of the biggest "Secret Life of the American Teenager" spoilers of all is that she will later find out that Ben asked Adrian to marry him and this will drive her to ask Ricky to marry her.

  3. Ricky's mother One of the more interesting and conflicting "Secret Life of the American Teenager" spoilers relates to Ricky's opinion of his mother Nora. She has been in and out of jail, was abused by Ricky's father and forced Ricky into foster care at a very young age. Ricky did not think very highly of her for a long time until she explained how hard it was to live a life of domestic violence. After this conversation, Ricky had a better understanding of his mother. However, in episodes to come, Ricky is going to find out that his mother is a lesbian and has a girlfriend. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to this.

  4. Amy's sister Ashley Ashley has always been the family member with the worst attitude. After her sister Amy has sex and has a baby, she becomes interested in the idea of sex. She even tries to get in bed with the father of Amy's baby. Her excuse is that she doesn't understand why everyone makes such a fuss about sex and she just wants to get it over with. In upcoming episodes, Ashley will no longer attend public school, but will be homeschooled. Her father George will begin to think she is too anti-social and will give Ashley a study buddy named Toby. Unlike the other "Secret Life of the American Teenager" spoilers, you might not be surprised by this next one. Ashley and Toby will begin talking about sex instead of their homework!