Even with so much known about pregnancy, it still comes with natural fears, worries and joys, especially when it happens to a teenage girl in the 10 best "The Secret Life on The American Teenager" episodes High school comes with its own share of stress and work, but when you add a pregnancy to the mix, drama ensues. With high points and low points, human nature and emotions are displayed in these particular episodes:

"Falling in Love". The foundation episode to which the rest of the seasons will build on beings with a pregnancy test. An interesting discussion on what exactly sex constitutes showcases the confusion of any type of intimate relationship in high school and the ignorance that can be prevalent. The stepping stone of "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode provides a large amount of unresolved issues that will be hopefully be conquered as the story progresses.

"What's Done is Done". Guilt can be a double-edged sword, painful to the carrier and painful to those it is wielded upon. Survivor's guilt haunts Grace and her friends rally to her but with little success. Dealing with death in a storyline and not giving in to heavy handedness or too light a touch makes this "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode one to not miss.

"Love for Sale". With a poignant confession of pregnancy to her mother, Amy gives a great performance filled with uncertainty and need for acceptance. A great "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode as the admittance allows the series to continue and deal with everything that comes with this fact.

"Get Out of Town". Another pregnancy surfaces and pulls many people into its wake. Ben is the actual cause of this whether than a willing spectator as he was in Amy's pregnancy. Secrets get revealed and repercussions form storm clouds on the horizon.

"Do Over". Birth control gets covered here as well as the aftermath of a really bad hair treatment. To the point with a frankness that isn't often seen, the topic of birth control gets examined with openness between father and daughter in a well-crafted "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode. Ben's life gets more and more convoluted as his world stabilizes then spins again.

"And Unto Us, A Child is Born". Featuring an excellent blend of humor provided by both Ben and Ashley, the birth finally happens. This "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" episode is a great plateau for the storyline as it brings to fruition the pregnancy while opening even more questions for the future. The perspectives of her friends and family add a depth that's rare in most dramas.

"Summertime". One of those intriguing mid-season episodes where the characters ponder their past and gain insight. Not often seen until the end of a season this story allowed the characters to evolve a bit more. Character growth sprouts all over the place in this episode and it's worth watching the development.

"New York, New York". An emotional performance with Ricky and his biological mom mark this episode as being special. Ashley and her mom have a sincere discussion about relationships that rings true.

"The Secret Wedding of The American Teenager". Responsibility tangles with maturity as Amy thinks marriage makes one responsible whereas her parents wanted her to find employment. Stupidity ensues as her friends attempt to follow her path of newfound maturity with fake licenses. The wedding mythos as explored by the average teenager gives enough laughs to land this episode on the list.

"Moving In and Out". Independence for Amy means Ashley feels abandoned to the fates and their opening discussion is spot on. Meanwhile, Ricky gets to take on his own doubts about what could be his new lack of independence should Amy move in with him. A great season closer for "The Secret Life of The American Teenager" as doubts worm their way into the cast.