"Saving Grace" episodes can be viewed as part of a popular television show on TNT that stars Holly Hunter. In it she is a alcoholic, chain-smoking, self-loathing Oklahoma City police detective who solves crimes better then just about everyone else on the force. This creates an anti-hero element for an audience who likes to root for, not against their characters, at least the audience that usually watches TNT. There are a number of different episodes to watch from the three seasons and 46 episodes "Saving Grace" that have been produced so far.

"Pilot." The pilot is a "Saving Grace" episode that is a must-see for anyone who is trying to keep track of the show. In it, the table is set for who Grace's character is, how she is having an affair with another police detective and how her character operates and solves crimes. It also sets the stage for how she is on a downward spiral.

"Everything's Got a Shelf Life." In this "Saving Grace" episode late in the first season, a drug bust goes wrong and Grace is nearly killed when she is shot, ending up in the hospital. She becomes determined to hunt down the gang responsible for her shooting and the death of another cop, showing how she doesn't play by the rules, even though she is a cop.

"Have a Seat, Earl." In this first "Saving Grace" episode of the second season, Grace's heroics suddenly become part of an Internal Affairs investigation, setting the stage for the entire second season of the show. This episode shows how the politics inside a police force work and how it can drive some cops to the edge.

"We're Already Here." This "Saving Grace" episode starts the third season of the show and has Grace stumbling into a terrorist plot by accident while investigating a case. She is also close to hitting rock bottom with her own addictions and other characters have to shake her out of it, showing the struggle with addiction up close and personal.

"Am I Going to Lose Her?" A horrific rape in this "Saving Grace" episode leads Grace to put herself in a dangerous situation where she is kidnapped. This is a high tension episode that will leave viewers on the edge of their seat until it finally ends.