Spend the summer in the Hampton's with all of the high profile vacationers while watching these "Royal Pains" episodes.  "Royal Pains" is a USA network series about a doctor  who makes house calls, not so much because he wants to but because he is paid good money to do so.  Hank is the doctor to the rich and with the help of his brother, Evan, the two have a successful business called HankMed. 

  1. Listen to the Music- Season 2, Episode 18 – In the season 2 finale of “Royal Pains” Divya breaks off her engagement to Raj after possibly being exposed to the Pneumonic plague. Although she has known for quite sometime that marrying Raj was not in her heart, she pushed on to please her parents and do as they wish–until she was faced with the possibility of death.

  2. Wonderland – Season 1, Episode 12 – Hank and Evan are on the search for mold, which Hank believes could be the cause for a cut that just won't heal on Zoe's leg in this episode of “Royal Pains”. Instead of mold, Evan finds bats in the attic and then believes he is turning into a vampire because he was bitten by one.

  3. Pilot – Season 1, Episode 1 - This is where it all began for the “Royal Pains” cast. Once Hank was blamed for letting a hospital trustee die, he fell into a slump. Then his brother Evan took him to the Hampton's to have a little fun. Hank saved a supermodels life and then HankMed began.

  4. No Man is an Island – Season 1, Episode 5 – Hank and Evan take a job on a private island owned by a software executive and his pregnant wife. There is no technology on the island except for an SAT phone that is used in case of emergencies. When the phone is broken in a car accident, the only thing they can do is use what they have on hand to treat the patients.

  5. Keeping the Faith – Season 2, Episode 3 – Hank and Evan have talked about their father before on previous episodes of “Royal Pains”, but now they found out that their father is living in the Hampton's. What do you do when the thing that defines you and makes you famous is the one thing that is causing your illness?