The “Royal Pains” cast has an awesome backdrop: sparkling water, sandy beaches and the beautiful homes of The Hamptons. "Royal Pains" all started when an emergency room doctor made the choice to treat one patient over another. One patient dies while the other lives. It was a choice that had to be made and the hospital administration believed it was the wrong one and fired Hank.


Mark Feuerstein

As the star of "Royal Pains" and the doctor that started it all, Dr. Hank Lawson is the handsome young reason Hank Med started in the first place. Who wouldn't want to be treated by a handsome young doctor if they fall ill while vacationing at The Hamptons? After getting his start on “Loving,” he appeared in various television shows before landing the deal on “Royal Pains.”



Paulo Costanzo

As Hank's younger brother, Evan Lawson, he adds a bit of comic relief to "Royal Pains." He can also be annoying. He is always looking for the easy way out of every situation. He had long running parts on “Joey” and “Animorphs.” On top of that, he lends his voice to the Rooster in "Dr. Dolittle 3."



Reshma Shetty

Divya Katdare is the glue that holds Hank Med together (although she is a new comer to acting with her first role as Niala in the movie “Steam”). As a physician's assistant she lends a helping hand and a friendly face. She is perfect for her role as Divya since she begam studying pre-med at James Madison University before joining the "Royal Pains" cast.



Jill Flint

Jill Casey is Hank's love interest, and she is the administrator at the hospital where he practices. Their relationship is anything but smooth, as they continuously try to mix their personal feelings into a working relationship. She can also be seen in "Nurse Jackie" and "The Good Wife."



Campbell Scott

Boris Kuester von Jurgens-Ratenicz is only a recurring character on the show. He is the man that gave Hank the job as the concierge doctor. He also had roles on “Six Degrees” and “Damages” before he joined the “Royal Pains” cast. He has been exposed to acting his entire life since his father is George C Scott, an actor, producer and director. 


- Michael Baird