Looking for information on the "Reno 911" cast? "Reno 911" is a television series that appeared on Comedy Central from 2003 through 2009. The show was created by Robert Ben Garant, Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kenney. If you have ever seen "Reno 911" before, you will know that this show is about what goes on in the Reno police department. Below you will find some information on the "Reno 911" cast, including what characters they played on the half-hour show.

  1. Cedric Yarbrough. Cedric Yarbrough plays the role of Deputy S. Jones in "Reno 911". Yarbrough was born in 1973 and he made minor appearances in many other television series, such as Andy Richter Controls the Universe and Arrested Development, before joining the "Reno 911" cast as a original member in 2003.

  2. Niecy Nash. The role of Deputy Raineesha Williams in "Reno 911" is played by Niecy Nash. Nash was born in 1970 in California. Nash broke into the movie and television scene in 1995 when she played a minor role in the movie Boys on the Side. The character that she plays in "Reno 911", Deputy Williams, actually has an on and off relationship with Deputy Jones, who is played by Cedric Yarbrough.

  3. Robert Ben Garant. Robert Ben Garant, who plays Deputy Travis Junior, is another original member of the "Reno 911" cast. He appeared in all 88 episodes of the show. Robert Ben Garant was born in 1970 and he is a writer, actor and producer. Garant made appearances as himself in 1992 in I'm Your Man and You Write It, You Watch It, which are his first two appearances as an actor. In "Reno 911", Deputy Junior has the nickname of Streaker.

  4. Kerri Kenney. The role of Deputy Trudy Wiegel is played by Kerri Kenney in "Reno 911". Kenney and Nash are the only two female actresses to appear in all 88 episodes of "Reno 911" from 2003 through 2009. Kerri Kenney was born in 1970 and she made her first appearance as an actress in You Wrote It, You Watch It with Robert Ben Garant in 1992. In "Reno 911", Deputy Wiegel is known for being artificially inseminated and later selling the baby. Throughout this television series, it is speculated that one of the other officers of the Reno police department is the father of the baby.

  5. Thomas Lennon. Thomas Lennon is the final "Reno 911" cast member to appear in all episodes. takes on the role of Lieutenant Jim Dangle in the show. Lennon was born in 1970 and he also made his first appearance as an actor in You Wrote It, You Watch It in 1992. Throughout his career, Lennon has also been a writer, producer, director, assistant director and editor. The character that Lennon plays in "Reno 911", Lt. Dangle, was born in Arkansas and he was a member of the United States Coast Guard before joining the Reno police department.

-Stephen Thiele