Putting Out Fires with the Rescue Me Cast

Friday, October 28 by Sylvia Cochran

The “Rescue Me” cast members are the actors and actresses that make the gritty post-9/11 program a successful show on the FX Network. Playing off the real and perceived personality of the main character, the drama about NYC firefighters has thus far spanned six seasons. A seventh season is planned to be the final installment.

Denis Leary. Irish comedian Denis Leary plays the main character, veteran firefighter Tommy Gavin. Although he leaves his biting black humor and observational comedic style at the door, the subject matter is much the same. Leary depicts recreational drug use, heavy drinking and an undercurrent of duty above self.

Larenz Tate. The rapper and actor is a relative latecomer to the “Rescue Me” cast. Starting out in season four as Firefighter Bart “Black Shawn” Johnston, he has nevertheless become a fixture in the series. Tate has a long credit sheet of drama roles, which included appearances “South Central” and “Biker Boyz”.

James McCaffrey. As deceased Lieutenant Jimmy Keefe, McCaffrey plays Gavin’s cousin. He haunts the protagonist. This relationship intensifies during the main character’s bouts with drunkenness, which actually leads to some very soul-searching scenes. Even though his appearances are sporadic on “Rescue Me”, they are marked by intensity and significance.

Tatum O'Neal. The former child actress depicts Maggie Gavin Garrity. She is the female equivalent to the hard-drinking, devil-may-care attitude that Tommy possesses. Playing the character’s sister, she is one of the unbalanced “Rescue Me” cast members; a move that actually serves to balance the entire series.

Dean Winters. Winters is a staple in the American living room. When he is not playing the role of Tommy’s younger brother as part of the “Rescue Me” cast, he is featured front and center in Allstate commercials and well-received television series, such as “NYPD Blue” abd “30 Rock”. Although he was killed off in the drama, he still does “ghost” appearances to haunt the main character.

There is no doubt that the series’ casting successfully pits its characters against and off the main player: Tommy. What makes it such a joy to watch is the fact that even the dearly departed are not gone completely.

-Sylvia Cochran

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