Psych Episodes

Sunday, September 11 by sameerah blue

“Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion”-When they manage to snag a spot on the VIP for an exclusive Santa Barbara fashion event the boys think they have hit the big time. But when the guest of honor is electrocuted in the middle his big speech, Shawn and Gus go undercover as male models to figure out if his death was just a freak accident or murder.

“Disco didn’t die, it was murdered”-If you think poor Gus has it rough working with Shawn, it’s nothing to working with Shawn and his dad Henry. After 30 years in prison, a mad bomber that Henry put away is released on a technicality. The police bring in Shawn and Gus to help reexamine the case on the condition that they keep Henry out of the investigation. But despite their best laid plans to keep him in the dark about the investigation, Henry finds out that the case has been re-opened and wants to help the boys find the mad bomber and put him back in prison.

“Dead Bear Walking”-In this “Psych” episode Shawn and Gus become unwitting animal rights activists when a polar bear is accused of murdering his trainer. Everything at the scene points to a tragic case of an animal turning on his trainer, but at the crime scene Shawn sees something just isn’t right. Now it’s a race against time to figure out who framed the bear and keep the animal from being destroyed.

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