"Private Practice" spoilers stem from one of the most talked about spin-off shows to date. "Private Practice" follows Addison as she crosses over from "Grey's Anatomy" to her own show. Addison moves from the dreary and hard life she has been used to in Seattle to the sunny and bright state of California where she plans to start a new future.

Wedding Bells. In season four of "Private Practice," Coop and Charlotte get married, making this spoiler very sweet and exciting. They've had a rocky past like many characters in "Private Practice," but they have decided to tie the knot. Many fans have been awaiting a big event with heart and now they will get their chance with this spoiler.

Trunk. This odd spoiler takes place in episode eight of season one of "Private Practice"—Addison begins to develop a crush on a patient in the practice. Little does she know of this man's history. She spends time with him as she discovers one of her shoes is missing. Addison is also trying to discover her new love interest's past. She finds out what he really likes to do with women's shoes and how he got the nickname "Trunk" from Violet.

Affairs. In episode one of season two of "Private Practice," a big spoiler is revealed that Coop and Charlotte are having a behind the scenes love affair. It causes a bit of a stir because Coop forgets about his usual holiday plans with Violet. This would not have happened had Charlotte not tempted him with the allure of her existence.

Going off. Charlotte begins to open her own practice in season two of "Private Practice." After the original practice has been failing, her administrative duties wer taken away from her. Since that happened, she has been closed off about her own business plans. This spoiler takes its time to be revealed, but once Charlotte decides to open her own practice, it becomes evident she is also simply trying to escape.