If a person finds themselves looking for a solid show that is full of twists and turns that can keep them guessing and enjoying it for many seasons, then a "Pretty Little Liars" episode can be just the ticket. What can be more interesting than a group on high school girls who have a sketchy past, are full of love and lust, and trying to find their way in a world haunted by someone who knows all their secrets?

The Pilot - This is the best way to get introduced to the "Pretty Little Liars" episodes. It's great for a viewer to get involved with a show right from the start. Here we meet Aria, who has just returned. Girls like Hanna have become remade. We meet a perfectionist in Spencer and an Athlete in Emily, and Maya who is a bit of an eclectic free spirit. Each girl receives a message about a secret they are doing everything to keep and the mystery starts fast in this "Pretty Little Liars" episode.

"The Jenna Thing" -  After Allison's disappearance in the “Pilot,” questions abound and, it appears, so do suspects.  Temptations abound between illicit relationships and tensions rise as "A" won't let them forget a certain something they've all tried to shove into the past. This is an episode that brings a lot of background into play after all the introductions in the first show.

"To Kill A Mocking Girl" - This is one of the fastest paced "Pretty Little Liars" Episode. Unresolved issues keep popping up adding extreme tension to the girls’ relationships and forcing more dramatic heights. Covert relationships cause confrontations between mistresses and families, and competitive siblings. “A” continues to tease about past events and the death of Allison is still be investigated in this tense episode. It's sure to keep a viewer on the edge of their seat.

"Can You Hear Me Now" - Here the group of girls decides to take on the anonymous voice behind “A” and attempt to get the emails and texts to stop. Lives continually get more complicated with relatives popping up, unwanted advice and unwanted school associates.

"Reality Bites Me" - The tension cranks up another notch and the girls of Pretty Little Liars, episode five are pushed to new levels. Decisions from the last episode are forcing the girls to pay penalties to “A.” Secret loves are challenged romances change, blossom and evolve. Then, a new guy shows up to the school and puts a twist on everything, bringing even more changes.

"There's No Place Like Homecoming" -  Dances are always scenes for drama to culminate and here it's no different. This scene is full of sisters seeking vengeance, heartbreak, virginity pledges and shocking date choices being brought to the dance. It's guaranteed to keep a viewer entertained and guessing what will happen next.  

-Melissa Brown