On a rare occasion a drama can mimic reality perfectly, and these 10 "Parenthood" episodes make it look effortless. The humor and sorrow that come with parenting receives a treatment that is equal parts introspection and observation. Relive the past, the present or possibly the future with this gathering of episodes:

"Orange Alert". Halloween is one of those holidays that one either celebrates or avoids. The fun of Halloween for one can be the holiday from hell for another, especially if the one having fun takes it over the top like Zeek Braverman. The conquering of the fear of a haunted house makes a "Parenthood" episode to view.

"Pilot". The first episode of "Parenthood" is a thrown together collection of clashes and confrontations that show off what family can be to different people. A great foundation is presented tot the audience with cracks exposed and ready to be explored in the coming episodes. Perfection in storytelling by using chaos as the binding factor.

"Qualities and Difficulties". How to explain what is different about a child to the child is illustrated with caring in "Parenthood". The right choices aren't the easiest to bear. Past burdens end and new burdens are born as the characters make their progressions in their lives.

"The Deep End of the Pool". A special kind of sibling jealousy rears its head with Max's Aspergers becoming its own entity within the family. A well-thought out look at the effects Aspergers can have on the family as individuals and a unit. Another unflinching "Parenthood" episode that stays in the deep end of the pool.

"Hard Times Come Again No More". The waiting room at a hospital and the tensions that run like an exposed wire through such an environment are etched solidly into the viewer's heart with this "Parenthood" episode. With delicacy the emotions are slowly stripped back in revealing layers. A tremendous performance by the cast.

"Put Yourself Out There". The anticipation and flat out fear of a SAT score kicks this "Parenthood" episode off. Couples counseling for some of the Bravermans releases pent-up emotions. A few glasses of wine lead to a new friendship, perhaps..

"Lost and Found". Some of the Braverman males take their lumps in this "Parenthood" season finale. Crosby is torn in two different directions but can't live fully until he decides what's right for himself. Meanwhile Zeek has to woo his wife all over again.

"Namaste No More". Zeek's pawning of prized possessions gets discovered and disseminated within the family. Soccer brings both politics and a serious dose of laughter to this "Parenthood" episode. With Crosby getting to explore what type of relationship he has with Jasmine, a special kind of shared awkwardness between the cast and the viewer is created.

"New Plan". Crosby Braverman, played by Dax Shepard, gives voice to a ton of worries and little idiosyncrasies most of us can share with his character. Prom is shown to be just as stressful for the participant as for the parents in this "Parenthood" episode. More vulnerabilities get exposed by Crosby and strengthen this show the more for it.

"Man versus Possum". As if moving to a new school isn't enough, difficulties in the normal grade transition plague Amber. Parents fight for their kids and the belief shown by Sarah Braverman in her daughter is moving. Asperger's syndrome is discussed in this "Parenthood" episode and the family begins the journey towards coping with it.