The majority of the "Party of Five" cast members got their big break by starring in the show. The plot revolved around five siblings whose parents unexpectedly die in a car crash, so the children pull together as a new family. The young cast was full of fresh new faces, and they all went on to become known for other acting ventures. Some of the "Party of Five" cast members went on to star in popular movies, while others went on to star in other popular television series.

Scott Wolf.

Born in 1968, he gained notoriety once he became a "Party of Five" cast member. He portrayed Bailey Salinger, the teenage sibling who eventually turned to substance abuse. Wolf is physically known for having boyish good looks brought on by his signature dimples that appear every time he cracks a smile. He became a teen heartthrob, but his career never developed into movie stardom. Despite never becoming a mega star, Wolf is doing just fine for himself by starring in numerous television series over the years including "Everwood," "The Nine" and "V."

Neve Campbell.

Canadian actress Campbell joined the "Party of Five" cast to play the meek oldest female sibling, Julia Salinger. In 1996, Campbell portrayed Sidney Prescott in the film "Scream," which is easily her most notable role to date. She went on to star in three more "Scream" movie installments, with the latest in 2011. Campbell playing the same role in four movies shows how little her movie career has evolved. Her only other memorable performance came in the raunchy 1998 film "Wild Things" where she made-out with Denise Richards. Other than those movies, she has only been starring in small independent films, and has yet to gain a blockbuster money-making Hollywood name.

Matthew Fox.

This "Party of Five" cast member believes in quality of quantity, and has an impressive yet short acting resume. His break-out role was portraying the always stressed out oldest sibling, Charlie Salinger in "Party of Five." In 2004, he took on playing the role of the always stressed out doctor, Jack Shephard, in the hit television series, "Lost." Gaining the role on "Lost" meant Fox upgraded from being nominted for Teen Choice awards to Golden Globe and Emmy awards. Since he has always been part of television series with longevity, his movies are few and far between but include "We Are Marshall," "Vantage Point" and "Speed Racer."

Lacey Chabert.

Born in 1982, Chabert was only 11-years-old when she became a "Party of Five" cast member. She portrayed Claudia, the youngest female Salinger sibling. Despite having a somewhat annoying nasally voice, Chabert gets a lot of work as a voice actor. For six years, she provided the voice for main character Eliza Thornberry in the animated television show turned movie, "The Wild Thornberrys." As for her actual acting, she is most known for playing the dim-witted popular girl in the 2004 movie, "Mean Girls." Over the years Chabert transformed from the mousy "Party of Five" cast member into the hot girl that guys want to be with and girls want to be friends with.

Jennifer Love Hewitt.

On "Party of Five," she played Sarah Reeves, the girlfriend to Bailey Salinger. Her good looks, likability, and innocent charm landed her something no other "Party of Five" cast member got, a spin-off show. The series, "Time of Your Life" ended up being a flop and got canceled half-way through the first season. She bounced back by starring in teenage geared movies such as "Can't Hardly Wait" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer." In 2005, she took another stab at playing the lead role in a television series and it paid off because "The Ghost Whisperer" ran for five seasons. Despite having Love as part of her name, she has unfortunately dealt with public romances and break-ups. Her love life is always popular amongst gossip magazines because she has dated the public figures Carson Daly, Ross McCall and Jamie Kennedy.

- Natalie Kuchik