"One Tree Hill" music often adds a lot of that special ooomph to a night time soap opera that highlights the lives of a group of teenagers in a small North Carolina town. Joining in the soundtrack are prominent punk bands, indy music artists and previousl unknown singer-songwriters like Amy Tipton. Even in later seasons that chronicle these characters in their post-teen years, an ecclectic assortment of artists enhance the show with, angry, funny, disturbing, sad, happy, uplifting...Yep, you get the point. Theres music for every of pre- and post-teen angsty mood.

"Take Your Mama" by the Scissor Sisters.

"Take Your Mama" is a vague and crass song that is sung in the second person. The singer speaks to a "good boy" in the song an aspires to take his mama out all night, get her drunk and show her a good time. There is also reference to the good boy's fiance who called off the engagement. This strange piece of music aired during season one of "One Tree Hill". It is hard to tell whether the song is kind hearted or wrathful. 

"Junk" by Brainpool.

This song added some social commentary to season four episode six of "One Tree Hill". There's a lot of junk in our lives, from the processed GMO foods on the supermarket shelves to the content on television. We live in a "processed" culture with junk news, junk pop music and lots of garbage for popular consumption. This music from "One Tree Hill" not only illustrates this, but exemplifies it as well. 

"Whiskey for the Road" by Amy Tipton.

We all love songs about whiskey, especially when old men with scrappy voices sing about it. This music is not performed by a shaggy drunk man, but by a beautiful and previously unknown singer songwriter. She performed the song during season 8 episode 6 of "One Tree Hill" during the Halloween episode. 

"Kindly Unspoken" by Kate Voegele.

Kate Voegele's music is a prominent feature of season five of "One Tree Hill". This song proclaims that "silence speaks louder than words." Kate sings to her lover who has an unspoken sentiment that he is just not revealing. She views this as the end of the relationship. 

"Manic Boogie" by The Shake.

This music played in the background during a drinking scene in season seven episode seven of "One Tree Hill". The Shake is a young rock band with punk roots. "Manic Boogie" is not about the latest dance craze. It's an angry rant about a controlling girlfriend which added some musical ambience to a formal occasion where the "One Tree Hill" characters were dressed in suits and getting wasted.