With a cast that boasts of several Emmy Award winners, the characters on "NYPD Blue" and the plots of every episode is well etched out. An American police and crime drama that unfolds several mysteries in the suave locales of New York, the NYPD is one of the best television detective serials ever.  In case you are wondering which actor or actress has managed to strike a chord among these prominent professionals, go through our exclusive list of the "NYPD Blue" cast.

Dennis Franz (1993 – 2005). The superb actor plays the tough detective, Andy Sipowicz in the NYPD series. One of the reasons of his rise to fame with the role is the fact that he has the ultimate ‘hardhearted police look’ aka Sherlock Holmes, that makes everybody relate to his character in the serial. Not only did he win an Emmy award four times for his portrayal of the detective agent in the drama, but his character was called the ‘the most superbly etched out character in history’ and was ranked #23 in the all-time greats list. A true ode to the master performer!

Jimmy Smits (1994 – 1998, 2004).  An American actor, Jimmy Smits is one of the best actors to portray the guardians of the law. He has played an attorney, a detective, a police sergeant and many other similarly themed characters. He also went on to act in the huge hit, "The Star Wars", which was a path-breaking movie. In "NYPD Blue", he plays a detective, Bobby Simone and won two Emmy Awards for the successful acting that he depicted throughout the time he was aired on screen. He also won the HOLA award for excellence in acting.

Kim Delaney (1995 – 2003). Kim is one of the most diverse and superb actors in the US today. She is one of the few actresses who can look to deliver a charming performance in a children’s themed program during the day and turn into an unfeeling detective, Diane Russell at the NYPD. Nevertheless, she is an extremely popular television actor and has won the Emmy Awards during her tenure for her superb act too. Now, she works in a beautifully crafted televised series Army Wives.

Gordon Clapp (1993 – 2005). This nuanced actor has been the feather of the "NYPD Blue" cap having portrayed the role of the master detective Greg Medavoy throughout the twelve seasons that the show has been aired. He went on to win the Emmy Awards in 1998. He is one of the few actors who managed to star in television series as well as films and make a mark in both the arenas. Roles like the corrupt police official in the critically acclaimed Cold Case and as a passionate game coach in The Game Plan have brought him to the fore.

David Caruso (1993-1994). He might not have had a chance to linger on for a longer while, but he made a mark with the limited scope that was made available to him and that is what makes the seasoned actor stand out from the crowd. David Caruso plays the detective John Kelly with such demeanor that it was extremely impossible to sideline the superb actor from this exclusive list.  He won a Golden Globe Award in the year 1993 and was named as one of the rising stars in the year 1993-1994 by TV Guide, an exquisite survey portal.

These stalwarts are the hallmark of the highly successful television series "NYPD Blue".

-Ruth Kerr