Like a slap to the back of the head from Gibbs, pain and affection mix resulting in "NCIS" spoilers. A group that works for the Navy yet has gone beyond camaraderie to a tight knit family lends to great story telling. Sometimes these stories carry a greater weight than others and that leads to surprises like these:

  1. "Reveille" A bullet without a target is just evening news and not a compelling tale.  Gibbs gets modified revenge as he shoots Ari in the shoulder at close range.  Pride is salved for now and who doesn't like the bad guy getting some justice especially when it leaves them wanting more.

  2. "Angel of Death" Daddy issues abound for La Grenouille as he turns out to be Jeanne's father.  Nicknamed "The Frog" only "NCIS" could make that name hold danger.  Apart from the potential hazard of getting warts or freeing a fairy prince or princess upon our society, this is the only type of frog that's going to put fear in your heart..

  3. "Probie" McGee's not a cop killer at least not intentionally.  The good guys can't all be tough, borderline psychopaths so it's nice to see a hero that's a mix of naivete and valorous.  The self-doubt, the internal purgatory, the outward expressions in McGee sell this spoiler to the point of perfection.

  4. "Endgame" Amanda's a spy! Though not revolutionary for a military show like "NCIS", the double agent route is still a solid spoiler that's been built up over many episodes.  Maybe McGee can have a happy, stress free non-insane relationship one of these seasons but then where would the fun in that be?

  5. "Twilight" Kate gets sent to the great beyond courtesy of Ari.  A great "NCIS" spoiler as many characters were peripherally responsible for Ari being on the loose and thus are accomplices in varying degrees.  The double blind of Kate catching a bullet to save Gibbs only to catch another bullet where the vest can't stop it sold this spoiler solidly.  As Kate said, "I thought I'd die before I ever..." and the curtain closes for the last time.

  6. "Rule Fifty One" Jackson Gibbs lives.  Even if he broke the cardinal rule of never asking anyone sinister, especially a woman, if they needed help the Gibbs patriarch managed to stay above ground.  A loose end that gnaws at you through the summer months shoes the quality of writing in "NCIS"

  7. "Judgment Day" The team is no more.  Vance tears the group apart, sending them far and away as he asserts his dominance in his new role.  It's not often you see the leader in a series actually be reminded of his place in the hierarchy but "NCIS" grabs the leash and pulls Gibbs to heel.

  8. "Kill Ari" Guess who has a sister? Yes, Ziva is Ari's sister and killer.  A two for one deal on spoilers and a lesson to never trespass in another man's workshop.  Ari states, "You'd never trust Ziva and you need to kill me" and then we see who wins between pride and arrogance.

  9. "Broken Bird" Ducky is not pulling a Mr. Hyde.  The lovable, quirky and insightful friend and ersatz companion to Gibbs is still a bit mysterious but part of his past is now semi-resolved as it's shown that he did his best for a victim of torture.  A great story and performance for "NCIS" places it strongly in the top of the spoiler pile.

  10. "Bikini Wax" Kate was in a wet t-shirt contest.  No random killing, no surprise family member just a nice little thing to haunt Kate for her time on Earth.  The finesse to revealing this spoiler lies in having Tony discover it and not some other one who might honorably ignore the evidence.  The evil laugh he utters is one of the best endings to any episode of "NCIS" and perhaps almost all other television shows.  It will either haunt you or cause you to smirk for a week.