Popular “NCIS” episodes are those that you can watch over and over again even though you know the outcome. They are the “NCIS” episodes that you set the DVR for to make sure you don't miss them and then don't delete them so you can watch them over and over again.


“Judgment Day”

This is a two part “NCIS” episode, where the team loses one of their own when Director Jenny Shepard is killed by someone from her and Gibbs' past. She was killed while under the watch of Tony and Ziva, but following her orders, they instead spent a day in the sun while she handled things on her own with the help of former agent Mike Franks. It is a sad day for the “NCIS” team.



At the end of season two, the “NCIS” team loses Kate. She was killed by Ari, a terrorist cell informant for the FBI who had his sites on hurting Gibbs in any way he could, including killing his agents.



When someone begins stalking Abby, the “NCIS” team kicks it into overdrive to keep her safe. Although they find evidence that it is one of her ex-boyfriends, the danger is still lurking. In the end, Abby is safe and sound and we get to see her come out on top.



McGee has to step up to the plate as a hostage negotiator when things heat up in an all female prison. He had a simple task, to get a convicted murderer to admit to one more crime. After a day of murder and mayhem, McGee completes his goal and the makes sure all is right within the prison world.


“Swan Song”

This is the episode that ends an “NCIS” era with the death of former special agent Mike Franks. Franks was already dying by his own hand from smoking-induced lung cancer; however, the port to port killer got to him first. A tearful goodbye follows in the next episode.   

-Michael Baird