The “House of Payne” cast brings Tyler Perry’s vision of the modern extended family to life. Under one roof, the spot-on characters range from crabby to goofy, punctuating real-life family struggles with chuckles and rough-ish love. The lively “House of Payne” cast went into its last season in 2011 enjoying a typical viewership of nearly 2 million. 

Lance Gross

Played Calvin Payne and earned a Bachelor of Arts in theater from Howard University. You can find him in music videos with singers Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige. His character Calvin may or may not be a college student, but he does have an education in manipulation and the plain old hustle. 

LaVan Davis

Played Curtis Payne. He's a stage actor and singer who was featured in “De Obeah Mon,” “The Gospel Truth” and “Voices.” Curtis Payne just wants a little peace and quiet and can't get used to, let alone control, the multi-generational swarm that fills his house. 

Cassi Davis

 Worked with Tyler Perry on “Madea’s Family Reunion” and “Madea Goes to Jail.” She was on “Chicago Hope” and “Living Single” before playing matriarch Ella Payne. Her film credits included Spike Lee’s “School Daze.” As Ella Payne she plays a church-going and loving mama to the Payne brood, doting on all.

Allen Payne

Got his firs break on the "The Cosby Show" and worked on "A Different World" before joining the cast as C.J. Payne. On the big screen, he was in  "New Jack City" and “Jason’s Lyric” and worked with Eddie Murphy in "Vampire in Brooklyn.” In the House of Payne cast Allen plays the do-right dad with a drug-abusing wife. He moves in with his auntie and uncle and struggles to keep his sanity.

Larramie "Doc" Shaw

started out as a model in print ads. Working in the “House of Payne” cast playing Malik Payne was his television debut. He followed with "Pair of Kings and "Suite Life on Deck." Malik is a smart kid with a ready wit and a good heart.