Looking for the best “Monk” episodes? This detective program was brilliant, humorous and heartwarming, and if you’re like many others, it may be hard to choose just one favorite. Find out how this list of favorite “Monk” episodes compares to yours.

  1. Mr. Monk and the Garbage Strike. Who could ever forget this 2006 “Monk “ episode? Mr. Monk, who can’t stand germs, suddenly finds himself surrounded by garbage when San Francisco’s sanitation workers go on strike. Monk slowly unravels and lacks the ability to concentrate or think rationally as the strike drags on. He goes so far as to mail his garbage to his psychiatrist! He didn’t stop there. Monk even borrows a garbage truck and attempts to clear away the refuse all by himself. Monk is desperate to get the powers that be to resolve the sanitation strike and clean up the garbage-strewn streets. This was truly one of the best “Monk” episodes ever.

  2. Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale. In this 2002 “Monk” episode, Mr. Monk is sure that tycoon Dale “The Whale” Biederbeck, who happens to tip the scales at about 800 pounds, has murdered a judge. This seems quite unlikely because the rotund Biederbeck is bed-ridden, and purportedly hasn’t gotten out of bed in 11 years. Despite this, Monk is determined to prove his guilt. With the help of his assistant, Sharona, and Captain Stottlemeyer, Monk solves the case. Turns out, the real killer was Dale “The Whale’s” physician, who had worn a fat suit when he killed the judge. The two had schemed to create the perfect alibi. After all, nobody would ever believe the bed-ridden fat man had done the deed.

  3. Mr. Monk and the End: Part 2. Last, but not least, is this  final “Monk” episode, which aired in 2009. Mr. Monk has been poisoned and time is running out as he attempts to solve the years-old murder of his beloved wife, Trudy. She left a videotape for Monk before she died, and he never watched it because he was too distraught. When he finally watches the tape with Natalie, Trudy confesses she had a daughter years before meeting Monk, that she never told him about. She believed the child had died shortly after birth. The father of her child was Judge Ethan Rickover. He killed her to cover up their affair. When he’s cornered by Monk, the judge shoots himself. Monk recovers from his poisoning and makes a startling discovery. Trudy’s daughter, Molly, is still alive! He begins to forge a bond with the young woman, and it becomes clear that Monk will finally find peace.