The "Burn Notice" cast teams up weekly in this sexy, action-packed USA Network series about a spy who got fired from the federal government. Week after week, Michael Westen tries to seek out why he was blacklisted from his profession as a spy. While he investigates his own dilemma, he and his closest associates use their unique skills and training to help people in desperate need of assistance.  

Michael Westen. Michael Westen, played by Jeffrey Donovan, is the main character from the "Burn Notice" cast, who has been ousted from his federal government from his position as a spy. After serving his country for ten years as a covert operative working in Eastern Europe and the OPEC countries, Michael is experiencing his worst nightmare of being burned. Other "Burn Notice" cast includes Fiona Glenanne, Sam Axe, Madeline, Jesse Porter, and Nate Westen. Jeffrey Donovan is quite known for his versatility on both stage and screen.

Fiona Glenanne. Fiona Glenanne, played by Gabrielle Anwar, is a beautiful, ex-IRA operative who happens to be Michel Westen’s ex-girlfriend. Fiona Glenanne may appear to look like a beautiful fashion model, but she is often called upon to help Michael with a client or help to investigate his burn notice. Fiona is a definite force to be reckoned with; she is the kind of gal who will shoot first then ask questions.

Sam Axe. Sam Axe, another "Burn Notice" cast, is played by Bruce Campbell. He is Michael Westen’s closest buddy in town. Sam is a washed up military intelligence contact and is an expert in tactical analysis, cutting through red tape, and finding the quickest route to a cold mojito. Although Sam is more into the South Beach fun and sun attractions, he is a reliable and valuable resource for Michael when investigating solid intel and executing the mission at hand.  

Madeline Westen. Madeline Westen is played by Emmy Award-winner Sharon Gless. A regular "Burn Notice" cast member, Madeline Westen is Michael’s hypochondriac mother who is quite happy to have her boy back in town. Madeline lives in Miami in the house Michael grew up in, and when there is a need for her to lend a hand or her house, she is more than happy to apologize.  

  - Ginny Putscher