The "Married With Children" cast included a shoe salesman, a ditzy wife, a dysfunctional son and a daughter who was promiscuous. "Married With Children" lasted for 11 seasons on the Fox network and was the longest running live broadcast for Fox. The show detailed subject matter not seen or considered to be allowable during its time, 1987 to 1997.  The theme song “Love and Marriage” was an old Frank Sinatra song from 1955.

  1. Al Bundy. Alphonse “Al” Bundy was played by Ed O’Neil and the star of the "Married With Children" cast.  Al hated his life, he hated his job and he was miserable most of the time. He complained about everything including his lazy wife Peg.  Al was a woman’s shoe salesman and although he hated everything about life he was the star of the show. Al was very sarcastic and hates his job, but survives most every crisis that comes in his life.  

  2. Peggy Bundy.  Peggy Bundy was played by Katey Sagal. Peg, as Al calls her is very ditzy and lazy. Al accidentally asks her to marry him when he got drunk one day and they raise two children Kelly and Bud. Peggy Bundy has red hair and wears tight sexy clothes all the time. The red hair she wore on the "Married With Children" show was a wig.  

  3. Kelly Bundy. Kelly Bundy was played by Christina Applegate, Al and Peg's daughter. Kelly was promiscuous and very demeaning of her younger brother Bud. Kelly loves to shop and wear the latest styles of clothes. Kelly Bundy fits right into the stereotyped dumb blond role and an important member of the "Married With Children" cast.

  4. Bud Bundy. David Faustino played Bud Bundy. Bud Bundy was a horny little guy who never had luck with women. The only time he had any success at all was when he adapted a dual personality called “Grandmaster B,” a rapper from New York. Bud was always making the wrong mistakes in everything he attempted. Although Kelly always belittled Bud, she in the end supports him totally. Bud was named after a beer.

  5. Buck (the Bundy's dog).  Buck was born on April 26, 1983 and on the show he has voice over’s to insult his family.  Although Buck was very lazy and very horny, he was part of the family of misfits. Peggy doted over Buck and made sure he had plenty of food to eat and sometimes even cooking for him. Buck bragged he had impregnated every dog in his neighborhood, a feat that Bud could not of done with his dating problems. Buck retired from the show in 1996 at the age of 12 and died nine months later on May 28th. The "Married with Children" cast was never the same after Buck retired.

  6. Jefferson D’arcy.  Jefferson D’arcy was played by Ted McGinley. Jefferson, a typical pretty boy scam artist marries Marcy one night after getting her drunk.  Jefferson marries Marcy strictly for her money. Jefferson D’arcy is a lazy and self-absorbed gigolo. Jefferson is Al’s best friend on the "Married With Children" sitcom.

  7. Marcy Rhoades D’arcy.  Marcy D’arcy is played by Amanda Bearse. Imagine the horror of waking up one day with a name like Marcy D’arcy. Marcy is Peg’s next door neighbor who is not at all fond of Al and hates the fact her now husband, Jefferson is so close with Al.  Marcy Rhoades D’arcy was originally a sweet and wonderful newlywed, but after a few years of marriage and neighbors to Al and Peg Bundy, her character changes to an arrogant and self-righteous know-it-all. The "Married With Children" cast were all dysfunctional, especially Marcy D’arcy.