The "Malcolm In The Middle" cast drew from the best character actors, veterans and up-and-comers alike, to create a truly unique and funny show. As the sitcom, which ran from 2000 to 2006, progressed, new characters added brought other dimensions.

  1. Frankie Muniz. His role in the "Malcolm In The Middle" cast is that of the title character, an academically gifted kid living a life where those at school and home don't really understand him. Born in New Jersey but raised in North Carolina, the actor began his career as Tiny Tim in performances of "A Christmas Carol." 

  2. Justin Berfield. He plays Malcolm's older brother Reese, though the actor is actually a year younger than Muniz. Reese is a classic bully but does have a sensitive side that comes out from time to time. Berfield was born and raised in Los Angeles and started acting at five years old in a Folgers commercial. 

  3. Christopher Masterson. He plays the oldest brother Francis in the "Malcolm In The Middle Cast." Francis is a bad influence and a delinquent and gets sent to military school by his parents. Born in New York, the actor is the brother of Danny Masterson, who played Stephen Hyde in "That '70s Show."

  4. Erik Per Sullivan. He plays the youngest brother Dewey, who is gifted like Malcolm but this often goes unnoticed because it comes out in weird ways. Dewey is in his own little world and takes the fall for his brothers. The actor, from Massachusetts, made his debut in an uncredited role in "Armageddon."  

  5. Bryan Cranston. He has the father role in the "Malcolm In The Middle" cast. Hal tries to be a good dad but doesn't have much of a backbone. The actor has done anime voiceover work in the past and has had many roles in live action TV. Currently he plays the lead in "Breaking Bad," a meth-cookin high school science teacher.

  6. Jane Kaczmarek. She plays Lois, the tough-as-nails, exploding powder keg of a mother. Lois yearns for a "normal" family but has to make do with the one she's got. The actor began her career in the theater and was college friends in Wisconsin with Tony Shalhoub, most famous for his role as in "Monk."

  7. Craig Lamar Traylor. He plays one of the best friend roles in the "Malcolm In The Middle" cast. Stevie is a wheelchair-bound kid with a shallow breathing problem with overly protective parents. Malcolm shows him how to have fun. The actor made his debut opposite George Clooney on "E.R."

  8. Daniel Von Bargen. A prolific character actor, he plays Commandant Edwin Spangler, the one-eyed, one-handed head of the military school Francis goes to. Von Bargen, originally from Ohio, has worked extensively in theater, including Broadway, as well as many stern authority figures in television and movies.

  9. David Anthony Higgins. This "Malcolm In The Middle" cast member plays Craig Feldspar, Lois' nerdy, loser co-worker. But he has a good heart, even if its in love with Lois. Originally from Iowa, the actor got his performance start in a comedy troupe called "Don't Quit Your Day Job."

  10. Kenneth Mars. Taking certain cues from his German stereotype characters in "The Producers" and "Young Frankenstein," the Chicago-born actor plays Otto Mannkusser, Francis' boss at a ranch resort. Otto's over-the-top German straits contrast hilariously with the cowboy setting.  

-Stephen Lloyd