Make It Or Break It Episodes: Life Teetering on the Balance Beam

Monday, September 12 by Victoria Trix

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If you are looking for a new show, give these "Make It On Break It" episodes a shot. This is a fast paced show for those who enjoy watching a competitive edge where elite gymnasts are training for the Olympics. There are many levels of relationships, trouble between mothers, daughters, trainers, coaches, friends and lovers.  

The PilotThis is a great "Make It Or Break It" episode and shouldn't be missed. Viewers get a fantastic introduction to the behind the scenes life of Olympic bound athletes and their relationships. Get a glimpse of all sorts of different levels of relationships, competitions, and athletics. Here Emily makes waves at “The Rock,” a training facility in Colorado. Her presence threatens other gymnasts chances at the Olympics and makes a few enemies along the way.

"Where's Marty" – This is the second of the "Make It Or Break It" Episodes. This episode follows Coach Marty, a character from the “Pilot” and finds several other gymnasts making their debut here. A viewer really starts to get an idea of the different dynamics of each girl and what their dreams are. The drama escalates along with the fantastic athletic skills. The scenery is beautifully set with the competitors spending time in an expansive mansion.

"Blowing Off Steam" – Here the drama escalates by several notches with the girls and their relationships. Emily is still on board with her gymnast skills being brought to new levels with tougher exercise regimens. More girls are on board, parties are happening and virginity gets lost. The girls are hoping to get a little relaxation, but only end up discovering more areas of conflict and tension. This is a pivotal show that is sure to keep a viewer hooked.

"Sunday, Bloody Sasha, Sunday" – In this episode the girls are caught in a never ending workout drill while worrying about different aspects in their lives that are haunting them.

"Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Supermodel" – This is one of the greats in the lineup of "Make It Or Break It" episodes. Tensions continue to rise while the training facility, The Rock, faces money trouble at the same time heading to the Nationals. To raise some funds a fashion show for mothers and daughters is set up. Viewers get more insights into the girl’s relationships not only with guys in their lives, but also with their mothers.

"Between A Rock And A Hard Place" – Competitions are held while running the chance of being premature, and old injuries are flaring up. Relationships are strained on all sorts of different levels cranking up the possibilities and stress to higher levels. Interesting, fast, and thoroughly entertaining.

-Melissa Brown

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