These "One Tree Hill" season 8 spoilers give you an insight as to what you can expect from the show's latest season. Each episode of the night time soap is packed with drama and excitement, giving you plots that will keep you hooked. You'll be jumping to watch the show after reading these spoilers.

Engagement: This "One Tree Hill" Season 8 spoiler is a juicy one. Brooke and Julian become engaged during this exciting season. After the engagement, Julian looks for his best man and Brooke connects her relationship with Sylvia. It's truly exciting to see how Brooke and Julian's relationship progresses after the exciting engagement.

Finances: Brooke deals with financial and overwhelming legal trouble throughout the season. She has issues with the Clothes over Bro's company and finally develops a planned resolution with Victoria. This stress comes amidst the show's developing relationships and turmoils that come up in Brooke's busy life. This is a "One Tree Hill" season 8 spoiler that will make this season definitely worth watching.

Shooting: This "One Tree Hill" season 8 spoiler reveals perhaps the most dramatic moment of the season. When Clay and Quin are assaulted, they are shot by Katie. As the two linger between life and death, they watch as their friends worry about their bodies in the hospital. After a kidney transplant, Clay wakes next to Quin.

Children: This "One Tree Hill" season 8 spoiler reveals the season's drama with children. After getting married, Brooke and Julian follow up their ceremony in pursuit of adoption. When Haley has a pregnancy scare, she must then cope when she learns her pregnancy is a reality. Her due date approaches on the show leading to the birth of Nathan and Haley's child in the hospital.

Careers: This season 8 spoiler reveals the suspense and drama of careers that continues throughout all of season 8. After a long contemplation over changing careers, Nathan finally decides to change careers and become an agent. Meanwhile, Julian starts a new film project. Even Erin gets a big break in her career after Haley and Mia book her for a big spot as Kid Cudi's opening act.