Lost Season 6 Spoilers

Sunday, July 31 by Elizabeth Nelson

Looking for "Lost" season 6 spoilers? You've come to the right place. If you're dying to know what happens to the characters on "Lost" season 6, read on. Of course, if you'd rather watch season 6 of "Lost" on DVD and find out for yourself, don't say you weren't warned.

  1. What's up with Richard? Richard Alpert has been among the Others for years and hasn't aged. During season 6 of "Lost," you find out exactly why. Spoiler: Jacob made him immortal.
  2. Jack and Juliet were married and have a son. A prominent feature of "Lost" season 6 was the flash sideways, which shows an alternate reality for the characters, in which they never went to the Island. In Jack's flash sideways, he has a teenage son and is divorced from Juliet. They both work at the same hospital.
  3. Jacob and "The Man in Black" turn out to be brothers. They were delivered by a woman who was murdered shortly after giving birth to them. Their "mother," or the woman who raised them, was acting as the Island's protector.
  4. Locke is the Smoke Monster. The monster was created by Jacob when he threw his brother into the space on the Island he was supposed to protect. The monster needs a body and so takes the form of someone who has died and comes to the island. Before, Christian, Jack's dad, was the monster.
  5. In season 6 of "Lost," Jin and Sun finally find each other again. Only to die in submarine that Locke-the-Smoke-Monster tricked them into boarding.
  6. Everyone is reunited at the end of the series. Major "Lost" season 6 spoiler: everyone meets up again, in the flash sideways, and they're all dead. The time on the Island was the happiest time in the character's lives, so they agreed to get together again in the afterlife.

– Amy Freeman

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