"Lost" finale spoilers were very shocking. With each teasing episode, viewers wanted more and more answers to their burning questions. It was much anticipated, that they series finale would finally tie together loose ends and bring some closure to the mysteries of the island

  1. Walt never comes back. Walt disappeared in earlier episodes and his father spent the majority of his time left in the series trying to find him. It was much speculated that he would reappear for the finale. However, executive producers confirmed that the actor, Malcolm David Kelly, would not be returning for the final episode of "Lost."

  2. Jack chooses to take care of the island. Jacob has told everyone that someone needs to be the protector of the island. Jack knows it is his duty to do this task. Once they complete their journey, Jack will return to the island to restore Jacob's position. Whoever is on the island henceforth, will be sure to not let anyone loosen the protective rock again.

  3. Many people come back. For this spoiler, Shannon (Sayid's love and Boone's sister) comes back to the finale. As Desmond brings people around to their senses, he finds Shannon and brings Sayid to her so they can reunite. Also, Juliet will be coming back for the final episode. In a bizarre twist of working with Jack, she bumps into Sawyer by a vending machine.

  4. Kate chooses neither Jack nor Sawyer. What a spoiler. Jack is the firm choice for the island's mission. While Sawyer is meant to be Juliet. Kate, once again, must be her usual loner-self and focus on helping others. "Lost" began a love triangle with these three, however, they nipped it in the bud towards the end.

  5. They're in limbo! Once the alternative timeline begins, this is when the characters have been dead. Not necessarily all at once, but at varying parts in their lives. Jack's father brings everyone together in a church. They chose to spend their eternities with each other, because their time on the island was the most significant time in their lives. This is the ultimate spoiler for the "Lost" series. Many speculated this to be true, now they know!

-Amanda Ferguson