The "Lost" characters are the survivors of a plane crash that occurred from a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles that crashed on a remote island in the Pacific. The crash forced these passengers to live and survive the perils of this deserted island in hopes of being rescued. This television series was an adventure-drama with many twists and turns that lasted from 2004 to 2010.

Jack Shephard

Matthew Fox played the "Lost" character that was a talented spinal surgeon who seems to take control of the situation on the ground after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Jack traveled to Australia to find his dad, but unfortunately, Jack finds out his dad has already passed, so he makes arrangements to take his dad back to America on the ill-fated flight. As the TV drama series unfolds, Jack becomes a natural in helping his fellow passengers and a love interest of Kate’s. 

Kate Austen

Kate is the "Lost" character who is a fugitive, killing a man for abusing her mom. She was being escorted back to the United States by law enforcement when the fatal crash occurs. Kate becomes a vital part of the “Lost” plot. Both Jack and Sawyer are love interests.

John Locke

John is the "Lost" character who regains the ability to walk after the crash. John is a proficient tracker, hunter and has is own agenda because he believes he has a special connection to the island and pursues the truth, facing all the negative vibes that the other survivors and island dishes out.

Hurley Reyes

Hurley, played by Jorge Garcia, is a "Lost" character who won the lotto using the following lottery numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Hurley is one of the loveable "Lost" characters, helping his fellow passengers in any way he can. Hurley was heading home to the US after visiting with a woman in Australia whose husband had used these same lotto numbers.   

James Sawyer Ford

Josh Holloway the "Lost" character who is being deported back to the United Sates from Australia. After the crash Sawyer's selfish traits take over and he begins to hoard anything he finds from the wreckage of the airplane, including wallets, medicine and anything of value. However, Sawyer learns from his mistakes and becomes a valuable ally.