The "Lie to Me" cast stars in a crime drama TV series that exposes the truth behind the lies. Lightman Group is a private agency hired by local and federal law enforcement and by corporations and private individuals to assist in investigations. Dr. Lightman and his colleagues reach the truth by interpreting micro-expressions through the facial action coding system and body language. Listed below are the cast of "Lie to Me."   

  1. Tim Roth. Tim Roth plays the role of Dr. Cal Lightman in "Lie to Me," a psychologist with expertise in body language and predominantly micro-expression. He is the founder of The Lightman Group, a private company that operates as an independent contractor to assist investigators in both local and federal law enforcement. 

  2.  Kelli Williams. Kelli Williams play the role of Dr. Gillian Foster in "Lie to Me," a colleague, and co-worker in The Lightman Group. Kelli character is based on Dr. Maureen O’Sullivan, a professor of psychology at the University of San Francisco. A special bond exists between Gillian and Cal.

  3. Brendan Hines. Brendan Hines plays the role of Eli Loker in "Lie to Me," who initially was an employee of The Lightman Group. Eli acquired his expertise in “reading” people through practice. A developing relationship between him and Ria Torres exists.

  4. Monica Raymund. Monica Raymund plays the role of RIa Torres in "Lie to Me," an employee and protégé of Dr. Lightman’s. Ria was working for TSA as a agent when she was discovered by Cal as a natural.  

-Ginny Putscher