Are you interested in learning more about the "Law and Order: Los Angeles" cast? This entry in the popular "Law and Order" series debuted in 2010 and has had one season so far. Read on for information about the cast members of "Law and Order: Los Angeles":

  1. Skeet Ulrich as Detective Rex Winters. Ulrich first made his appearance as Detective Winters on an episode of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit." Ulrich has done extensive TV work in recent years, including a stint on the show "Jericho" and voice work on the cartoon "Robot Chicken." In the 90s, Ulrich was known for his work in teen movies, including "Scream" and "The Craft."

  2. Corey Stoll as Detective TJ Jaruszalski. In addition to his role in the cast of "Law and Order: Los Angeles," Stoll has a thriving career in the movies. He has recently had roles in thrillers like "Salt" and "The Number 23," as well as guest spots on many TV shows, including "NCIS." His next feature film, the Owen Wilson romance "Midnight in Paris," will be out in 2011.

  3. Rachel Ticotin as Lieutenant Arleen Gonzalez. Ticotin, a showbiz veteran, has been acting since the late 1970s. Before joining the cast of "Law and Order: Los Angeles," she was best known for her roles on the TV shows "Skin" and "American Family."

  4. Tammy Klein as the SID Criminalist. Though Tammy Klein has been in many short films over the past several years, "Law and Order: Los Angeles" is her first major role. She also has roles coming in two full-length feature films: "The Killing Moon" and "Megan is Missing."

  5. Megan Boone as Lauren Gardner. This young actress had a few small film roles before joining the cast, including parts in "My Bloody Valentine" and "Sex and the City 2." She has also appeared on the TV shows "Cold Case" and "The Cleaner."

  6. Terrence Howard as Deputy District Attorney Joe Dekker. Perhaps the most well-known actor in the cast, Howard was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his role in "Hustle and Flow." He's also starred in hits like "Iron Man" and "Crash." Howard has six upcoming films, including an adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel "On the Road."

  7. Tamlyn Tamita as M.E. Nishizawa. This cast member has been acting since the mid-1980s, including roles in TV shows like "Heroes," "24," and "Jag." You might also recognize her from the film "The Day After Tomorrow." 

-Andrea Miller