Karen Walker quotes are vivacious and down-right filthy at times. She is the "Will and Grace" character that can't be forgotten by anyone. Typically her day consists of hanging out with the flamboyantly gay, Jack as well as her maid Rosario and her "boss" Grace.

  1. "I know. I'm late. My driver had another bronchial incident. It was disgusting. I had to raise the partition. But that's no excuse. I should be punished. I'm writing you a cheque." This quote comes from the pilot episode of the series "Will and Grace." Karen is late and slightly in a tizzy. She isn't upset about being late, because she usually is. She is upset about the circumstances. She is disgustingly wealthy and only works for Grace as a way to do something with her day. She never wants to set herself in the midst of her workers and when she must interact with them, it gets her in a mood.

  2. "Stan had to take his kids to Scarsdale to see their real mother. What was her name? Wait a minute it'll come to me... 'Stan, take the kids to see that bitch... Cathy!'... Cathy." Part of Karen Walker's appeal is that she never remembers peoples' names. She is continuously trying to recall their names. With this quote, its the prime example of how she tries to remember them. She has done the same thing with her cook and other assorted people in her life.

  3. "The kids will be fine. I cracked a window in the limo." This Karen Walker quote shows how awful she is with children. In this quote, she is referring to her stepchildren that she cares very little for. Not only are they are responsibility, but they are also children. She tends to forget that they are people too and often likes to treat them like animals.