Jonas Episodes

Tuesday, August 30 by Samantha Andrus

comical of all the Jonas episodes. 

“Pizza Girl.” Each of the boys falls for the pizza delivery girl, and breaks their Jonas code by competing each other in order to get her. This is a test of trust against all the boys which makes top of the list of episodes. 

“Keeping it Real.”The boys try out normal chores for their mom, but fail to complete them because of screaming fans. Learn a lesson with this Jonas episode. 

“Band’s Best Friend.” Joe’s friend from childhood, Carl comes to visit. He manipulates their popularity for his own purposes. They teach him a lesson Stella is mad at Macy for using the money that was lent to her to purchase a collector potato chip that looks like Joe. Why not everyone is your friend, and a lot of people rated this Jonas episode top priority. 

“Chasing the Dream.”Kevin allows Macy to become the backup singer, this turns out to be awkward since Macy is tone deaf. 

“Fashion Victim.” Joe becomes jealous when Stella goes out on a date with Van Dyke. He then calls for an emergency fashion meeting that ruins Stella’s date. Stella then gives Joe a bad outfit to wear when he goes to meet the Queen of England. Funny episode that the Jonas brothers actually helped write. 

“That Ding You Do.”Joe develops a crush on a cello player that dislikes rock stars. He decides to play the triangle in the orchestra. Macy and Stella have a bet on who can go the longest on their obsessions. Macy cannot say Jonas, and Stella cannot text. Breaking habits can be hard to do, learn if you can break yours when you find out how they did it in this top episode. 

“Complete Repeat.”Nick experiences writers block because of his really bad day. He dreams of writing a song, but cannot remember the song when he wakes up. Joe and Kevin try to recreate a better day for Nick so that he can remember his great song again. Learn what friends are with this episode of the Jonas brothers. 

“Love Sick.”Joe rethinks his relationship with Stella when she is invited to a fashion event. Macy accepts a date with Randolph and tries to make him into a “Nick look alike.”

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