The "Suite Life on Deck" episodes have had a lot of critical acclaim as well as mass appeal, which led to the Disney Channel running three seasonal episodes on primetime. "Suite Life on Deck" was an immensely popular television series that aired on the Disney Channel. We decided to bring you five best "Suite Life on Deck" episodes that won hearts throughout the world. Read on.

"Seven Seas News" This was a truly hilarious episode with the students of Seven Seas High taking over the Seven Seas News. What followed was a laugh riot and no episode was ever as funny as this one. The episode started with Zack and Bailey as the anchors and Cody playing a reporter on the lookout for a missing passenger.

"Once Upon a Suite Life" Here, characters Zack, Cody, Bailey and London are fast asleep in their class while their teacher, Ms. Tutweiller, is reading them a fairy tale. Sleeping has a lot of serious repercussions for the four of them as they begin dreaming about a make believe world.

"Lost at Sea" This hilarious episode had it all right from romance to arguments and the traditional kiss and make-up, too. The new semester begins with an argument that threatens to make Cody and Bailey’s relationship fall apart. Watch their funny antics as they make up with each other.

"Marriage 101" This episode had fake marriages between Cody and Bailey, Zack and London and Woody and Addison. The characters struggle in this endearing episode so full of candy floss romance and comedy that it is a perfect treat for "Suite Life on Deck" fans.

"Model Behavior" This pleasurable episode is about the huge party Zack and Marcus threw in order to commemorate the departure of Mr. Moseby. The party resulted in several clashes, mystery appearances from a model and several other surprises. What followed was a laugh riot!