When looking at the "John Adams" HBO cast one thing is entirely clear in that HBO was able to put together a group of people that certainly did the miniseries justice.  The "John Adams" HBO cast was one that had plenty of distinguished stars as well as some up and comers who all worked hard to bring one of the better historical biographies into shining color.  While the cast was almost 100 strong, there were actors and actresses that made up key roles in the drama.

Paul Giamatti

Giamatti actually played John Adams himself and brought his fantastic acting ability to the role flawlessly.  Giamatti was able to headline the John Adams HBO cast by giving the founding father a conflicted personality reflected in his writings.

Laura Linney

The female lead of the "John Adams" HBO cast, Linney was the steady rock her husband was able to lean on.  Linney surprised some with the way she was able to completely throw herself into the role and showed that John was only one half of a true partnership.

Stephen Dillane

Dillane played John Adam's alternating friend and rival Thomas Jefferson.  Dillane was able to show how Jefferson dealt with his own rise to power and the way that he dealt with it once he was truly considered one of the most powerful men in the country.

Sarah Polley

Polley played Nabby Adams, John Adams daughter.  While her character was a peripheral character among the "John Adams" HBO cast when it came to creating the government she was almost as strong a force as Abigail Adams in his personal life.

David Morse

Morse played George Washington in the "John Adams" mini-series and seemed to adequately carry the weight of the nation on Washington's shoulders.  Morse carried off the man who was the first president of the United States quite well.

Tom Wilkinson

The veteran actor joined the cast of "John Adams" as Benjamin Franklin.  Wilkinson filled the shoes of the zen Buddha master who was able to dole out advice to whoever came for it.  Wilkinson also properly embodied the playboy that Franklin supposedly enjoyed being.

-Oliver VanDervoort