"How To Make It In America" is one of HBO's best casts that have been put together in a long time. This show is about two twenty-somethings trying to achieve their version on the American dream—being successful fashion designers in New York City. Characters, Ben and Cam hustle their way through the big apple trying to get their success story underway. The cast is young and vibrant and they exude the fashion underground of New York City for HBO's "How To Make It In America."

  1. Bryan Greenberg as "Ben Epstein." Ben Epstein has more ambition than many of his friends on the show. Before he turns 30, he wants to be the best fashion designer in New York. However, his insecurities make him vulnerable to ending good things before they've even begun. The actor who portrays him, Bria Greenberg has had a major background in acting for such a young age. Not only can he act, but he is also an accomplished singer/songwriter.

  2. Victor Rasuk as "Cameron 'Cam' Calderon." Cam acts as Ben's best friend in HBO's "How To Make It In America." He acts as the fuel to keep the group going. He is an average guy, but likes to think of himself as above average on a regular basis. Cam is played by the very talented, Victor Rasuk who began acting at the age of fourteen. He is a native New Yorker who you'll recognize from acclaimed indies such as "Lords Of Dogtown" and "Raising Victor Vargas" prior to his role on "How To Make It In America."

  3. Lake Bell as "Rachel Chapman." Rachel is Ben's ex-girlfriend. She is eternally confused about what she wants from work and relationships. Her ambiguity is a trait that drives Ben to certainty and success. Lake Bell is cast as this character and her eyes are captivating. She is quickly becoming one of the most sought after young actresses to date and HBO is very proud to have her on board.

  4. Eddie Kaye Thomas as "David 'Kappo' Kaplan." As the manager of a hedge fund, Kappo uses money as his way to hustle. He has no shame in buying his way into every venue possible. He acts as the opposite of Ben's moral integrity and shows the ugly side of success. Eddie Kay Thomas is perfectly cast as the group's yuppie. HBO's "How To Make It In America" shows two sides to every coin with each of their characters.

  5. Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi as "Domingo Brown." Domingo plays Ben and Cam's friend with all of the connections. He is a notorious player with a secret—he's a romantic. Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi isn't known for his acting chops. He is a well known rapper and hip hop artist in the music community. He is perfectly cast in his role in HBO's "How To Make It In America."

  6. Shannyn Sossamon as "Gingy Wu." Gingy Wu comes from a background of wealth. However, she chose to make a name for herself and runs a successful gallery. She is the living example of what Ben and Cam are trying to reach—success with artistic integrity. She is Ben and Cam's best (girl) friend. Shannyn Sossamon never plays a character just for the fun of it. She always picks a role that she can relate to. Her acting background started quite a while ago, and although she doesn't appear in the second season of "How To Make It In America," she still shows that she isn't going anywhere.

  7. Luis Guzman as "Rene Calderon." As Cam's cousin, Rene is fresh out of jail and is also trying to become a success in New York. However, this time he would like to do things "straight" by creating his own soft drink called "Rasta Monsta." But Rene doesn't exactly keep tabs on the crooked things he is doing for success. Luis Guzman has been in more small roles than one can count and he has accelerated in all of them. He has a Latin flare and a tough guy attitude that fits with every character he plays.