The “How I Met Your Mother” episodes have been fan favorites. Aside from the epic tales that countdown to the day Ted met his wife, there are memorable moments in “How I Met Your Mother.” Here are some of the top episodes.

  1. “Slap Bet” S2Ep9 - When Robin objects to going to the mall with the gang, they search to uncover her reasoning. To avoid them discovering the truth, Robin tells them that she got married in a mall. Barney discovers through an online contact that Robin was a Canadian pop singer named Robin Sparkles, proving Marshall wrong and starting the ‘Slap Bet.’ These are the two recurring jokes in “How I Met Your Mother.”

  2. ShelterIsland” S4Ep5 - In “How I Met Your Mother,” Ted is finally marrying his perfect woman Stella. While finishing up the wedding plans, Stella’s ex Tony comes back. She is starting to have second thoughts which Lily tries to sort out. She eventually runs off with Tony, leaving Ted at the altar.

  3. “Something Borrowed” S2Ep21 - This has the big moment in “How I Met Your Mother,” Marshall and Lily’s wedding day. Things don’t go as planned when Lily’s former flame shows up at her wedding, her harp player is in labor and her veil is ruined. To makes matters worse, Marshall gets his hair done by Lily’s relative only to receive blonde tips. In attempt to salvage his hair, he accidentally shaves it off.

  4. “The Pineapple Incident” S1Ep8 - After having one too many special drinks at the bar, Ted wakes with a strange girl and a pineapple in his bedroom. He must rely on everyone to help him backtrack the night before in order to identify the girl in his room.

  5. “Last Words” S6Ep14 - The most tragic episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” Marshall’s father has died and the gang tries everything to make him laugh the day of the funeral. To make matters worse, Marshall has to deliver a eulogy about his father’s last words to him. He discovers that his dad left a voicemail for him and avoids listening to it.

  6. “Come On” S1Ep21 - Ted is chasing after Robin again. He is persistent about changing her views and sets out to perform a rain dance in order to win her over.  Meanwhile Lily is accepted into an art program in California. She feels like she hasn’t lived her life fully which causes friction between her and Marshall. The break up when Lily ends up leaving at the end of the “How I Met Your Mother” episode.

  7. “Single Stamina” S2Ep10 - Barney’s older brother, James, comes to visit. Robin is the only who has never met him and is in for a surprise when he shows up; he’s black. He’s taught Barney everything he knows about being a player and gets a surprise himself when James is engaged and has a son with his boyfriend.

  8. “Slapsgiving” S3Ep9 - The gang is celebrating Thanksgiving with Lily and Marshall. Ted decides to play devil’s advocate and torment Barney about his slap bet with Marshall. Meanwhile, Robin brings a date which causes an awkward atmosphere between her and Ted.

  9. “The Sexless Innkeeper” S5Ep4 - Now that Barney and Robin are a couple, Lily and Marshall try to plan couples night. But things don’t go over well so they lie about their turnout. Ted buys a tweed jacket that he thinks is stylish. He ends up meeting a girl at McLaren’s who crashes at his place. Barney dubs him ‘The Sexless Innkeeper’ through a period poem.

  10.  “The Matchmaker” S1Ep7 - Ted goes to a matchmaker to find his perfect woman. Out of all the women in the tri-state area there is no one that is a match for him. Ted sets out to prove the matchmaker wrong by finding a perfect woman for him. Lily and Marshall discover the ‘Cockamouse’.

- Mandah