The "Growing Pains" cast brought to life a comedy series about a psychologist, Dr. Seaver, and his journalist wife, Maggie Seaver, raising three children in Huntington, New York. Airing from 1985 until 1992, this television series was as much about the "Growing Pains" cast children developing into teenagers as it was about daily life within a busy household. Cast with some of the best actors and actresses, this show remains one of the classic TV series.

  1. Probably the most renowned of the "Growing Pains" cast was a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo played Luke Brower, a friend of Mike Seaver, the oldest son. Although he appeared in only 23 episodes aired in 1991-1992, we all know that young Leonardo went on to acclaimed success in the big screen. Watching him in his youth as he acted in "Growing Pains," one can see the man he was about to become.

  2. Dr. Seaver, played by Alan Thicke, was always trying to figure out what was happening to his family. A stay at home dad with a group of younger children and teenagers running all around the house, he had a lot to think about. Alan Thicke appeared in 165 episodes of this sitcom from 1985-1992.

  3. Playing Maggie Seaver was Joanna Kerns and, like Alan Thicke, she appeared in 165 episode of the series. The "Growing Pains" show followed Maggie Seaver as she went about taking a reporter job outside the house. Maggie had a lot to juggle, including a befuddled husband at times. 

  4. The "Growing Pains" cast at first started with three children. These included young Kirk Cameron playing oldest son Mike, Tracey Gold as the "good" child, Carol, and Jeremy Miller as the youngest son (for a while), Ben. Another child, Chrissy, was born to the Seavers in 1988 and was at first played by twins Kristen and Kelsey Dohring.

- Lori Burdoo